Here’s My List

I’ve seen this around the interwebs lately, and its been a while since I did one, so I thought I’d update it! The VIMROD toon has nothing to do with the list… I just thought it was funny and it made me think of bloggers in general.


Photograph the wrecks and ruins of the skeleton coast

Visit the Smithsonian

See the aurora borealis from atop a glacier

Visit Machu Picchu

Get married in a few of the Vegas chapels

Visit what’s left of Pompeii

In 2013 I will bike the 29th parallel from Port Nolloth to Richards Bay on a big ol’ Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Visit the Mayan ruins

Fly a micro light over and photograph the Grand Canyon

See the terracotta army

Go to a pumpkin party at Strong Street Studios

Do a make-up course

Visit the Palace of Versailles

Take a baking class

Visit the Paris Motorshow

Drive a Ferrari

See king Robbie live in concert

Drive a Lamborghini

Get a half-sleeve tattoo on each arm


…come play on my rollercoaster…

8 thoughts on “Here’s My List

  1. I also would love to visit Machu Picchu, but sadly it’s being overrun by tourists who leave so much litter everyday its really heartbreaking, I think they should limit the number of tourists a day.

    Been to Versailles, it was okay, lots of gold in the rooms. That’s a palace, there are better castles, I’d recommend Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, it’s too beautiful and you can ride on a horse carriage up to it.

    The half sleeve tattoo is quite cool, daring too, it can look really nice.

    Are people allowed to fly microlights over the grand canyon??? if so that sounds amazing!

    Aww I’d also love to see the Terracotta army, your list is really good. At least you have a definite date to do the harley ride.

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