The Ankle Saga…

I know you’re all waiting to hear about our annual sibling supper- and its coming soon I promise… I just thought I’d mention the ankle first. 🙂

This past Saturday it was 7 weeks since I damaged the ligaments in my right ankle. 7 WEEKS!!! And yesterday for the first time, it didn’t ache all the time! Yesterday and today I can actually walk on it without the crutch and it doesn’t hurt with every step.

It still hurts, make no mistake, especially when I sleep without the brace on and I twist it in my sleep… and after a day at work which includes driving myself to and fro.

I have gained a lot of mobility but I’m nowhere near as flexible as I was yet. I’m still doing physio, and I’m doing the exercises she gave me that I can do myself… but it’ll still be a while before I can wear my beloved Nine West’s again 🙁

Its getting better at last! I am so so happy! And I am determined to go to Oz without needing the crutch.

11 thoughts on “The Ankle Saga…

  1. Yay! Can you get Ian a postcard from Oz, I will paypal you the money for postage. I am doing his room with framed colleges of post cards ( I have been collecting Post Cards since I was 6). It is ok to say no.
    .-= Bobbi Janay´s last blog ..Dark and Twisty =-.

  2. Shame man, That’s horrible it still hurts but glad it’s improved. With your willpower I’m sure you’ll be going to Oz crutchless. I just checked on google maps and Cooma is south of Canberra isn’t it? Nowhere near Brisbane then 🙁 Bummer.
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..foreigner =-.

  3. Ditto with The Jackson Files about the Sibling Supper … rumour has it you won this year 😉 Sheesh, but 7 weeks is a helluva long time to be sore whenever you walk 🙁 Glad it’s improving tho!
    .-= phillygirl´s last blog ..Much Ado About Nothing =-.

  4. So glad to hear your footsie is feeling better! If you need to still use a crutch when you come – No Worries Mate, I will borrow one from our Mates – 🙂 The time she is a coming closer………..A BEYOND EXCITED. Love ya MWA

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