I Think I’m Pretty Capable!

Jane and Jeanette both did this list on their blogs, so I thought I’d give it a shot and see how I do.

While not totally comprehensive, here is a list of 50 things everyone should know how to do:


1.       Build a Fire

2.       Operate a Computer

3.       Use Google Effectively

4.       Perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver

5.       Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle

6.       Do Basic Cooking

7.       Tell a Story that Captivates People’s Attention I know I can write a pretty good story when I put my mind to it… so I said yes for this one

8.       Win or Avoid a Fistfight

9.       Deliver Bad News

10.   Change a Tyre this was one of the first things my daddy darling taught all of us when we started driving!

11.   Handle a Job Interview just don’t ask me where I see myself in 5 years 🙂

12.   Manage Time

13.   Speed Read

14.   Remember Names

15.   Relocate Living Spaces

16.   Travel Light

17.   Handle the Police sadly, my knucklehead gave me opportunities for this a few times

18.   Give Driving Directions

19.   Perform Basic First Aid

20.   Swim

21.   Parallel Park

22.   Recognize Personal Alcohol Limits

23.   Select Good Produce

24.   Handle a Hammer, Axe or Handsaw

25.   Make a Simple Budget

26.   Speak at Least Two Common Languages

27.   Do Push-Ups and Sit-Ups Properly

28.   Give a Compliment

29.   Negotiate

30.   Listen Carefully to Others

31.   Recite Basic Geography

32.   Paint a Room

33.   Make a Short, Informative Public Speech

34.   Smile for the Camera

35.   Flirt without Looking Ridiculous scuse me while I toot my own horn here 🙂

36.   Take Useful Notes absolutely!

37.   Be a Respectful House Guest

38.   Make a Good First Impression

39.   Navigate with a Map and Compass

40.   Sew a Button onto Clothing

41.   Hook up a Basic Home Theater System

42.   Type I never took a class- and I don’t do it according to the “rules”… but I use both hands and I can do about 50 words a minute…

43.   Protect Personal Identity Information

44.   Implement Basic Computer Security Best Practices

45.   Detect a Lie this one sort of, I SO know when my knucklehead is lying to me…

46.   End a Date Politely Without Making Promises well… until I started seeing my sweet Glugster, I never actually went on any dates!

47.   Remove a Stain

48.   Keep a Clean House

49.   Hold a Baby

50.   Jump Start a Car


Hhmph. I don’t think I did too badly!


My Damien In Pictures!

Jeanette published a few more of the pictures of my knucklehead that she took on Sunday.

They are so true to how my knucklehead is!

At one point on Sunday I asked her is she had gotten pictures of Damien yet, and she answered that she had- but that he doesn’t stand still for very long. I had to giggle because he really doesn’t. I have gotten used to a lot of his ways having lived with him all these years- but people who haven’t spent a lot of time with him are often surprised with how “active” and loud he can be, even when he is medicated.

Few people have seen him off his meds though… 😉 Thats a whole ‘nother kettle of bananas!

I’m Still Here!!!

I’m just hella busy… and yet it feels like I’ve done nothing… very strange.

Thank you all for the fabulously wonderful comments on my last post. It was password protected initially, but I figured since there are now very few people who do NOT know we were trying to get pregnant the password was moot.

This weekend past was a feast of friendship and I had a ball! On Saturday morning we celebrated ExMi’s kid’s 2nd birthday with a party at his grandparent’s place and it was very cool to see good friends again. Tam and the BF, Rebecca with her Dave and Jackson (sorry I left you off here initially my friend), Totallycooked and her other half, Meea and her kidlets, Sleepy Jane, Louisa, Boobah’s mom and her little boy, Laura & Plane Boy, Pink Hair Girl and her kidlets, Snowgoose and her Shaun… I love get togethers like that. I baked dinosaur cupcakes for the kid, and the kidlets seemed to love them though I wasn’t mad about how they turned out! And you shoulda see MamaMeea’s cake!

On Saturday afternoon I was dropped off at Third Thursday’s “An Afternoon With Debra Patta” fundraiser and met up with Samantha Perry. Kerry Haggard was one of the organisers and she made sure I would be seated with Samantha so I wouldn’t be on my own with strangers. It was a very interesting afternoon with prizes and goodie-bags… and we all know how I love goodie-bags! While I was there, my boys took themselves shopping as my knucklehead needed clothes- and they came home with a steeringwheel cover I’ve been eyeing! They know me too well…

I then went home and slept. All afternoon and all night. Ridiculous innit!

Sunday morning we were all up early, and when Sweets and her boys arrived we took ourselves off to one of Jenty’s favourite locations for a family photoshoot! We had an absolute BLAST!!! I can barely wait to see the photographs!!

After the very early photoshoot 🙂 we took ourselves off in search of breakfast and ended up at the Rhino and Lion Park! We had a very cool brunch, and then watched the snake show, and a cheetah named Eddie attempting to display his running abilities (it was hot and he just wanted to head for the shade), wandered through the nursery where the boys played with some serval cubs and got stalked by a marabou stork! We did a bit of a tour of the park before making our way home. The boys all swam whilst Sweets and I had a cup of coffee, and when they left I went to bed.

I slept till Monday morning! Its insane!

It was a wonderful weekend indeed.

When Does It Stop?

252281643_27f49edf2eHow long will it still continue?

How long will it hurt and make me sad every time I hear someone has succeeded in falling pregnant?

How much longer will I feel like this?

Its so annoying.

I feel petty and nasty because most of me is so happy for my friends and family, but a part of me wants to cry and throw things like a 5 year old and ask “why not me”! And they’re not any less or more deserving than I am.

And every time it happens, I try and force it back into its corner and ignore it because I feel stupid, but it surfaces again and again. And then I tell my sweetheart because I promised him I wouldn’t keep things like this from him, and then he feels bad because he can’t do anything to make me feel better… I told him yesterday that “the number” is back up to 9, and he said that he’s sure I’m the only one counting. And he’s probably right. But realising that hurt, and I don’t know why.

And I want to visit these people’s blogs and email them and chat to them, but I feel like a fraud because I’m leaving comments and talking to them- even though I mean what I say. And I really do.

But there’s a lump in my throat all the time.

And then like last night, I cry myself to sleep again and I wake up angry with myself for being so ridiculous.

And then I think I’m okay finally, that I am moving on and moving up.

And then it happens again.

And every time it happens I succeed in making these women feel bad about hurting my feelings and making me sad when that should be the LAST thing on their minds, and then I feel kak all over again.


Pass the tissues.