My Spam Has Changed

I used to get these huge paragraphs of garbage text with links inbetween, now I’m getting these mother trucker lists instead! They look a little like this…


48]That? What? When?


48]how to hack in on passwords
48]how to write an autobiographical essay
48]how to write a video treatment

how to hack a ventrilo server
how to paint an umbrella
how to write mla works cited
how to tie beef tenderloin video
how to cook perfect shrimp

how to cook a rump roast – blog 1
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how to paint a basement wall – blog 1
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how to run a school library
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what is guaranteed life insurance
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how to draw sexy anime

13 thoughts on “My Spam Has Changed

  1. zola237: i put a service on mine that catches all the spam before it goes to my comments!! only people’s first comment on my blog is moderated.

  2. This is exactly what I am getting on my blog. That is why I have changed the settings on my blog that all comments are moderated before published. It was getting so out of hand, that this option is actually working for me at this stage.
    .-= zola237´s last blog ..A good one / miserable one =-.

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