An Ankle Update!

It’s now been 8 weeks and 4 days since I hurt myself. I’ve been going to physiotherapy, and doing the exercises given to me by the physio, and I’ve been using the crutch less and less, but I am still limping.

I’ve definitely gained mobility, so I am making progress, but I still need painkillers and anti-inflammatories.


Lemme tell you, bunnies- this little planet was almost short a physiotherapist on Tuesday night!

Holy crapperpoodle!

She decided that after 8 weeks the ligaments are definitely healed and I now need to start working on getting the muscles mobile again. Work being the operative word!

I did not turn the air blue with swearing- but I could see myself in my mind’s eye- portrayed as an anime character with my eyes squished shut and tears squirting out the sides!!


I now have even more exercises I need to do, and I have to stand on one leg on my sore ankle because I have no balance in that ankle anymore. Thankfully she said that comes back quickly.

I have to stand with my feet together- heels touching- and go up onto my toes (rinse and repeat). I also have to do something like a lunge, leaning in and holding it as long as possible- also repeating several of those moves. There’s another exercise where I have to out a towel on the floor and using my sore ankle, scoop it in whilst keeping my heel on the floor, the push it out again and repeat the exercise. I have to be moving my ankle ALL the time!


It hurts like a mother-trucker, but it’s good. I want to be completely mobile by the time we go to Oz, and I want to start dancing again!


Then whilst I was there, I asked her about my sore knee. This is the knee I landed on when I fell- and I’d done so once before. There’s a bump inside my knee that I can feel, that isn’t in the other knee… and it hurts to kneel on it. She had a poke around and then said she thinks I may have damaged the ligaments in the knee- pressing on a particular spot while she spoke. I nearly went through the roof!!! It now explains why the bruising was all down the outside of my left knee and not on the front where I landed on it.


So my left knee is also screwed. It does explain though why it gets so sore when I have to sit in a car for too long…


I’m getting old!

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12 Responses to An Ankle Update!

  1. Maggs says:

    Ouch. That sounds really sore. Hoping it makes a complete recovery before you go to Ozzie.
    .-= Maggs´s last blog ..Photo’s and a vlog! All comments welcome ;-P =-.

  2. CloudF says:

    I think you should use your ankle as a the perfect excuse for those must-have docs – the boot type of course…
    .-= CloudF´s last blog ..Daydreaming and the Neverending Wind =-.

  3. Bobbi Janay says:

    As someone who broke both her ankles at the same time, do these exercises they will help.
    .-= Bobbi Janay´s last blog ..My Parents =-.

  4. Louisa says:

    Those therapists need to be just a little bit evil to do what they do I think. Grief! And looking at them you’d never guess they have lethal weapons for hands. Good luck with knee Angel, last time I landed on one of those torture tables it was for knees too so you have all my sympathy!
    .-= Louisa´s last blog ..Hot…tired… =-.

  5. Tanya says:

    oh Angel that exercise had me cringing even!!!! gosh hun hope it heals up soon!
    .-= Tanya´s last blog ..Am I losing my mind?? =-.

  6. Melany says:

    Ligamens are SO sore. I tore mine 14 years ago and till this day I remember the pain!

  7. Hubster speaks of the as Physioterrorists. For obvious reasons.

  8. Gilz says:

    You’re not old, dafty – you’re injured!
    .-= Gilz´s last blog ..Just got a Text Message With This Attachment =-.

  9. Palabuzz says:

    Hoping for your speedy recovery. I myself is suffering from a cripple feet.
    .-= Palabuzz´s last blog ..Movies to Watch for this Christmas =-.

  10. Glugster says:

    Good thing I like older women.
    .-= Glugster´s last blog ..My newest website =-.

  11. Tamara says:

    Shame, Angel. What a palava this has all been! I hope you heal fast and that the knee gets sorted too.

  12. Alet says:

    I hope you have a speedy recovery! Luckily you have the Oz trip to motivate you ; )
    .-= Alet´s last blog ..Clothes and Logan =-.