My Birthday Wishlist…



In 21 days time, I’m going to be 36 years old!

Holy crapperpoodle bunnies!


Wow… I’m getting ooooollld!

And what an incredible 36 years it has been. My gawjiss son will then be – for a few short months- half my age! How cool is that!


I’m only putting up a list because a few people have asked what I would like for my birthday… but seriously! I mean, I am so totally spoilt I can quite literally ask for nothing.

Except maybe to be a size 10! Can anyone do that for me?

And I know there is now no doubt WHATSOEVER in anyone’s mind as to just how spoilt and blessed I am. I’ll even be spending my birthday in Cooma, Australia! I have a diamond the size of Kilimanjaro on my ring finger, I’m taking a holiday trip to Oz, I have a gawjiss house on a game farm I can visit several times a year, I have a brand new Audi, in fact- almost anything I could care to want.

Except maybe a pony… I’ve asked more than once for a pony…


Not to mention more lovin’ than I could ever have asked for, a happy healthy son, a man who knows my love language all too well, a beautiful home, a clubhouse full of intelligent savvy friends who constantly have my back, a family that will take on the world if necessary…


What more could I ask for!?!??


So even though I am not going to take it even remotely seriously- I’ve decided that it’s simply a blogging standard and I have to do one!

And to my sweet Glugster, my darling love, my gawjiss fiancé- I was serious when I said no birthday present!



Here’s the list:


e       The new Robbie Williams CD, Reality Killed The Video Star

e       A whoooole lot of these from Bake It Pretty

e       I would like a Sphynx yes, seriously

e       A 70-200mm lens to fit my Pentax

e       My own laptop

e       The Offbeat Bride book

e       A Sigma fish-eye lens

e       A pony

e       True Blood season 1 & 2

e       Terry Pratchett’s “The Wyrdest Link

e       This cupcake stand from Bake It Pretty

e       Renewal of my Flickr Pro account

e       Heroes season 3

e       A whole bundle of these from Bake It Pretty

e       Terry Pratchett’s “The Folklore Of Discworld

e       All the Dr Martens I listed in this post (I’m a size 5 BTW)

e       These cupcake wrappers from Bake It Pretty

18 thoughts on “My Birthday Wishlist…

  1. My precious Angel – what a privilege to have a daughter as refreshing, inspiring and beautiful as you are! You have filled our lives with blessings from the very day you were born and your smile has always been bright, straight from the heart! As you said so eloquently almost 36 years ago “I rass luff you!”
    Lots my precious child! We are really proud of you. Our hearts just BURST with joy for you and your Glugster!
    Hugs and happiness to you darling Angel.
    As ever your Mom and Dad

  2. Your cup sure do runneth over 🙂 What a nice post to read. And a very interesting birthday wish-list. Please tell me what is a ‘Sphynx’ though. The link doesn’t work on my pc. The only viable thing I could find when I googled it is one of those preciously ugly hairless cats 😉
    .-= Maggs´s last blog ..Photo’s and a vlog! All comments welcome ;-P =-.

  3. The good news is: you’re still younger than me.

    I could send you your very own laptop, y’know. It’s got great spec, but slightly used… er, make that about 2 1/2 months out of warranty with a fried graphics card. Parts only available from Ireland. What’s that? You don’t want it either? Hm…! 😀

    It’s a fantastic feeling when you can honestly say you pretty much have everything you could wish for. Brilliant!
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..Techno Troubles =-.

  4. Your not getting old.. LOL! .. Old is when you reach 99+ 😉

    I can give you true blood and heroes but its not wrapped up pretty or anything.. 😉
    Birthdays are sooo much fun aren’t they!
    .-= Briget´s last blog ..I R a Sexy Assed Pimp.. =-.

  5. OH MY!
    I love your car btw… and yeah I know I should email… but Im here already…
    so about the snow in TX. WEIRD STUFF for us.
    the flakes were huge.. and the one with the pool? I took it cuz of the snow covered the banana leaf trees.. or what ever those palm like things are called. Kinda ironic.. pool.. and snow haaaaa.

    Im sooo glad you are so happy. You are who we all aspire to be… so my birthday wish.. well shit.. its still days away! Ill tell you then …..

    sneaky huh?

  6. That’s awesome about The Knucklehead beign half your age. And you have two great lists here – one of haves and one of would likes.
    .-= Tamara´s last blog ..Five days! =-.

  7. coooool. makes life a lot easier when there is a list. SO looking forward to celebrating with you. a pony was always top of my wishlist too…well that and world peace obvs.
    .-= The Jackson Files´s last blog ..This and that =-.

  8. Love the list – will see what I can do from this side 😉 At least I get to have you on your birthday for my Xmas present 😉

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