Wow… It’s Been 2 Years Already!

It feels like a heartbeat, yet it feels like forever. 

A little after 7PM tonight, two years ago, I met my Glugs for the first time. I did say in the original post that we were there till “after 11PM”… but it was actually close to 1AM, I just didn’t want to say too much and put ideas in people’s heads… 


The next night whilst I was talking to Sweets on Skype and behaving like a 12 year old- I think I like him but I dunno if he likes me and maybe its not a good idea but he’s so sweet and he’s so polite and I think I like him a lot but what about Damien and what about my independence and I think I really like him and this is ro unreal– little did I know that the Glugster was doing something similar with Shebee on MSN!

I must be honest, in the beginning- after almost 7 years of being single- I was terrified, and I came close to calling everything off a couple of times before it even really got started… but he wouldn’t let me.

the Glugster and the Angel
the Glugster and the Angel

Our little family has grown closer and closer over the last two years. The knucklehead is more than content, and refers to us as his “folks”. It pleases me no end that he and my darling Glugs get on so well. They have several shared interests and Damien respects my Glugster.

Mine and Damien’s life has changed so very much since my Glugs and I met. I would never have imagined myself actually living in this beautiful house, with a gawjiss new car, anything and everything I could possibly wish for, planning a dream wedding and actually contemplating starting my own business for real one day!

our little family
our little family

How could anyone on this planet possibly score on all fronts like I did!!?! He loves me and my knucklehead. He’s funny and smart and we talk and laugh together every day. He indulges my flights of fancy. He loves my cats- who have now become our cats. He loves to cuddle and touch and we’re always holding each other or holding hands. He wants to marry me! And not just because “it’s the next step”, but because we want to be married to each other! He was willing to run the TTC gauntlet with me even though our chances were slim to none. My family adores him. I like his family- I’m actually going to gain a decent set of in-laws! He knows me so very well! He is my hero. He is my knight in shining Navara.

I think there is little doubt in anyone’s mind as to just how much in love we are… and believe it or not bunnies, we have yet to have a fight.


Oh, and I think our oft-broken bed is testament to… erm… how well we sleep.


I still send him a “good morning I love you” text message every day, which he answers, and hearing “our song” when he calls or texts me makes me smile every single time.


I love you baby. With all my heart. Happy 2nd anniversary, and here’s hoping for many many more.

23 thoughts on “Wow… It’s Been 2 Years Already!

  1. How awesome to read about people who are so in love. Everyone is always negative and “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. What an inspiration to read about 2 people who love each other and are not afraid to tell the world.
    Congratulations. May your lives together overflow with love, laughter, happiness and extreme good health and wealth.
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..16 December 2009 =-.

  2. Can’t believe its 2 years already! Stoked for you to have this prince. In our twenties we fall for the bastards and later when we are all grown up and wise we realize how humour, intelligence and kindness are the sexiest traits of all.

  3. Those are fantastic photos! Has it really been two years already? I remember when you first starting blogging about him! It has been a quick 2 years! Congratulations!! You deserve every happy moment Angel!
    .-= Darla´s last blog ..sprechen sie deutsch? =-.

  4. I am just so superstoked for you both!
    Fairytales completely pale in comparison with your happy ever after… Huge Congrats!!

    You are an inspiration to all!

    (P.S. I just don’t know how you two have come this far without having at least one argument!! SexyG must never hear of this.. Or he may expect the same non-argumentative lifestyle from me and I may be a moody temperamental and argumentative bitch but I am not ready to be swopped out yet.. 😉 )
    .-= Briget´s last blog ..FriDay LOL.. =-.

  5. Congrats and isn’t being loved like that and loving someone like that so awesome. Loving someone like that is something that no one else can ever take from you.

  6. Girl!
    Why you gotta make me cry with this story… EVERYTIME!

    I remember the first date. OMG… we chatted on yahoo… pros/cons/calm the hell down/its okay to like him/OMG he is sooooo fantastic/OMG I dont think I can do this/just breathe

    I hoped and wished for you (and glugs) silently that you 2 would find an easy spot to be. When it happened, I have never been more genuinely thrilled for someone elses happiness in all my life.
    You 2 are it!
    ~hugs to you both… and to the boy.
    its a great family.

  7. this is so god-damned unbelievably mushy – and fantastically so. i always smile at the fairytale which is the two of you. congratulations!!! xxx
    .-= cybersass´s last blog… =-.

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