Cupcakes, Surprises and Anniversaries!

This weekend past, I flew down to Cape Town on Saturday morning to attend acidicice’s baby shower.

The flight was nerve-wracking as I’ve never flown on my own before, but my Glugster took me as far as the boarding gate and from there I found the boarding gate on my own.

I baked cupcakes and I was a little worried about taking them that far- but they were fine, and I had lots of compliments and questions on the plane, with an air hostess trying to bribe me with a cup of coffee!

When I checked in I forgot to ask for a window seat, so initially I was between two siblings with their brother in front of me! Once we were in the air I switched with the one in front of me and then I had an open seat next to me- nice. Well… it started nice… until I realised that the couple sitting in front of me had a little baby and a 2 year old with them! The baby cried pretty much non-stop for the entire flight and for the first time in my life I found myself wishing I had an i-pod!! I could eventually distract myself with my book… but it wasn’t easy.

Coming home I got a window seat, but not without some drama!

We were at Cape Town airport in time, and I was in the check-in queue for several minutes, but I missed the final check-in call for my flight and by the time I got to the front it had closed! I then headed for the standby queue to see if they could put me on the next one, but it was full! I ended up buying another ticket home which took off two hours later than the first one! And the one hinge on my Motorola phone broke so it now opens and closes with some difficulty… though it still works so I’ll see how long I can stick it out.

The delay in my departure meant I could have a milkshake and a bit of a chat with acidicice and her hubby before leaving and that was cool, even though the Wimpy at CT International (overlooking the runway) has the WORST service ever!!

As for the flights… I seriously think airlines need to be able to offer one flight a day between major airports where there are no kids on the plane!

Anyhoodle, I think acidicice knew her baby shower was on the Saturday- but she didn’t know I would be there. Between Leeza who did all the organising and acidicice’s hubby- we managed to keep it a secret and I was at the shower venue when she arrived! It was uber cool to see her again!
The shower was great fun! Leeza went out of her way to make it fabulous with decorations, games and prizes, and I got to meet some Twitter people I have been following for a while but not met yet! I met Cazpi, Ann_Wilson, cc_monkey, anib, whizper2me and al_ice!! These ladies call them selves “the pink drinks girls”!! Thank you for the welcome and the laughs girls!!
After the shower, acidicice and I stayed at her place and looked at her baby things and watched a movie and chilled till quite late! It was pretty darn cool lemme tell you.

The next morning acidicice’s hubby made us breakfast and then we set off for the airport… where the drama ensued!


My darling Glugster fetched me from the airport, and we eventually got home around 4pm-ish.
At 5:30pm we headed out again to attend my sister C’s 5th anniversary of sobriety service at Elim Clinic! I had wanted to bake cupcakes for her but because I flew two hours later than I was supposed to I didn’t have time…
After the candle-light Christmas service we went to sister C’s house for some cake and tea and a bit of a visit before heading home again.

I was knackered by then and pretty much went home to bed… though I battled to fall asleep for a while.

15 thoughts on “Cupcakes, Surprises and Anniversaries!

  1. Yeah I know the fun one has when there are screaming kids on the plane. I used to not carry an Ipod since most planes had inflight radio until one flight – a red eye from the west coast. No inflight radio and a screeming kid yelling it wants to go home all night long. Since then … these days I have phones that function as ipods so its great i can listen to music when i want to since i am not forgetting my phone (well normally – i did once and ended up buying an track phone and have my calls forwarded)
    .-= Katy´s last blog ..Ohio =-.

  2. Looks like fun 🙂

    My first time flying alone was also a little nerve wracking 🙁 And I SOOO agree with the no kids – lol – and I have kids but I am so very aware of the other people when we fly – would be much easier if it was a “family” flight!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Letter to the Minister of Education =-.

  3. Simply put – I WISH I WAS THERE!! This all looks like such a jol and nothing as magical as surprising a friend. It’s something she will remember for ever. HUGE, LOUD shout out to sister C!!!! xxx
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..RECAP … =-.

  4. nice scarf you ‘ve got on there! 😉 that’s so cool that you flew down – sucks about missing the flight though.
    btw – your other birthday prezzi is on its way from kalahari – might arrive while you’re gone.
    .-= cybersass´s last blog… =-.

  5. so cool u were able to go to the babyshower-acidicice must have been super happy to see there and those cupcakes look absolutely awesome!

  6. Sounds like you had a ball (apart from the flight troubles).
    This the implication with a non-kiddie flight is that it will fill up so quickly that it wouldn’t be worth your while price-wise!
    .-= Alet´s last blog ..teachers =-.

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