Empty Nest Syndrome

You know- it struck me the last few days- I think I’m beginning to know what it feels like…

It’s described as follows: It’s not a term you’ll find in many medical text books, but it has become a useful phrase for encapsulating the feelings of sadness and loss that many women experience when their children no longer live with them or need day-to-day care.




These days the knucklehead is away from home a lot, either with friends or with his girlfriend, and when he is home he has friends over or he’s busy doing his own thing.

When my Glugs and I go out it’s usually just the two of us. I often come home after work to an empty house. Damien texts me to let me know where he is, because he knows I’ll go nuts if I don’t know he’s okay… but he’s on his own mission.

And it’s going to be even more so when he gets his license of course.

It was always just him and I… he still does stuff with me- its not like he’s embarrassed to be seen with me- but it’s very seldom now, and usually only on special occasions.


Some days I miss him something awful!

10 thoughts on “Empty Nest Syndrome

  1. Reading posts like this always brings perspective for me. Thank you for sharing – I will treasure these early days (even when I want to do my head in!).

  2. I can’t say I have any idea what that feels like. Closest I’ve experienced to it was November 2006, when David and the kids came to SA for his month of annual leave and I had to stay behind in Dubai because I’d just started a new job a couple months before….
    It’s really nice that your boy still lets you know he’s ok, though, and isn’t embarrassed to be seen with you!
    .-= MeeA´s last blog ..And Counting… =-.

  3. Sorry u feel that way-my daughter is only 3 and i also worry for that day when she doesnt “need” me anymore it already breaks my heart when i want to help her do something and she turns around and says “mom i can do it on my own you know” having the bigger cousins sometimes she thinks she is 3 going on 13 or something!

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