I’m Up From Down Under

Hey bunnies- we’re home!

We survived!

My house was a disaster area, as the knucklehead had bargained on the maid coming the day we were due home- which she didn’t… so we’ve done a lot of cleaning up. I missed my Damien a LOT- and he missed us too! And I missed my furbabies, who missed us too.

We visited a really beautiful part of Australia, and I got to spend some time with my BBF and my godsons, and meet some of the people she has made friends with in her new home town (which puts my mind a little more at ease because they seem like good people). Right now, I am trying to get over a killer gastric flu, catch up on some blog reading, filter through many many emails, and between running to the loo and trying not to fall over Taxi (who sulked for an hour or so when we got home and now hasn’t left my side) I’m also trying to get some sleep and sort through the heaps of photographs I took while we were away.

Fear not. There will be blog posts. There is one aimed specifically at airlines, and I’ll do a few about our trip so as not to bore you all in one go…


There are lots of photos, and we chilled a lot, and we’re both glad to be home. If we’re friends on Facebook, then you will may already have seen the photos I uploaded via my BBF’s laptop whilst we were in Oz. They cover a lot of our trip, but there are more coming.

I missed my blog, and I missed my tweople, and I missed my phone (which started packing in shortly before I left and now has given up the ghost ALMOST completely), and now I can get back to my version of normal.

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  1. So sorry you had to deal with a not so lekker tummy on your return. Good to know you were missed, too! Welcome back. You might be surprised at how much catch-up blogging I have done. Now it’s t-minus wedding countdown, baby!!!!! xoxoxo
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..INCOMING … =-.

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