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This week’s Female2Female blog challenge is a short meme!


If I could I would resign from my 9-5 type job today and focus on wedding planning, baking and ADHD support

In my kitchen cupboard I have a SHITE load of baking goodies… 🙂

On my desk is disturbingly little personal stuff because I work at my clients… so, my laptop, a box of tissues and a tin of decaf coffee.

Image in my head nothing… there’s music, so I see snippets of the music videos sometimes…

In the middle of my to-do list erm… am I supposed to have a list?

I am dreading the first time I try on my wedding dress… as excited as I am about it I am so afraid its not going to look “right”!

Right now I want to be at home baking cupcakes and working on my blogs!

I think people are terribly judgmental when it comes to other people’s children.

Going to the gym is a helluva lot less fun than going to our dancing lessons, but the results motivate me. I just wish they’d switch off the music you can almost hear in the gym… it puts me off my rhythm!!! 🙁

9 thoughts on “A Blog Challenge

  1. I keep forgetting to take earphones with me to plug in on the treadmills. That way I can listen to news and kill two birds with one stone. Coz that fuzzy background half-there music drives me nuts too!
    .-= Tamara´s last blog ..Poor Roo =-.

  2. Oh I also would love not to have a 9 to 5 job. I do the I-pod thing in gym, but I understand your issue.

    I remember how I stressed about my wedding dress and it came out jus tperfect.

  3. Laura: I’m actually going to be using earplugs! Any beat puts me completely off my stride because I want to walk/cycle/row/whatever in time to the music. Its ridiculous!

    Go For It: I’m a consultant by trade. Very glamorous and exciting… NOT!!

  4. what is your job?

    You’re lucky you know what you wish you could be doing, I have no idea, but if you do something that you’re passionate about you usually will be successful so it is definitely something to consider.

    I wish I could eat a homemade cupcake right now! yours are like world famous now Angel, I wish I could eat one :/

  5. I agree on the gym music – do you have a iPod or something like that? I put my media player on top volume and jam to my own tunes 🙂

    I also want no 1 – I have so many things I am doing right now and all of them are so much more fulfilling than my 9-5 job but its the only one who pays me enough!

    I am sure your dress will be perfect 🙂
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Don’t worry mom =-.

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