Holy Crap… Can We Slow Down Please!??

February is almost halfway through, and I am waaaaay behind!

I’m behind on my blog reading. I’m behind on the work I need to do on my wedding invitations. I’m behind on post writing. And then to crown it all, my blog suddenly will not allow me to load pictures- so I can’t even take part in this week’s Female2Female challenge! I am baking up a storm though- with lots of cupcake orders for this weekend I am more than busy enough.


And now to make my life that liiiittle bit more interesting, my laptop has decided it won’t clip my 3G card into place anymore, so unless I’m at home with my darling Glugster’s iBurst modem, I can’t really go online.


Me with no internet is not a good thing. Especially not at work. Thank goodness for my new Blackberry 9000 Smartphone- I can at least do my emails and tweet properly…

8 thoughts on “Holy Crap… Can We Slow Down Please!??

  1. Poor girl – it’s tough when technology lets you down. I found teh most gorgeous cupcake silicone “tin” at Clicks that bakes heartshaped cakes. Will try it this weekend.

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