I Am Humbled And Proud

Is that even possible?

I think I did blog here about being nominated by friends and family for a Feather Award in their “Heroine” category? I was nominated for my “work” in creating awareness of ADHD and supporting parents who are raising ADHDers. In all honesty, I didn’t ever think it was something deserving of an award! Its quite mind blowing!


The latest news is that I got an email on the February 9th notifying me that I am now a semi-finalist, and I had an electronic interview to do. It was no small task answering their questions, I had to think long and hard- and I only had 3 days to do so!

My stomach started doing back flips as soon as I read the opening lines of the email…


You have been selected as a semi-finalist.”

I was quite flabbergasted! The other nominees in my category are such incredibly brave and inspiring women and I never expected to get a nomination let alone get to the next round!

Anyhoodle, if you’d like to read it you can find my “profile” and my interview if you click here, it includes the nomination justification as well as my own motivation.

You can’t vote for me as the process is judged by a panel of four women who are extraordinary in their own right- and you can find them on the website as well- but you can leave a comment about me on their Facebook page if you’d like to.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who had a hand in this.

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  2. Oh you deserve it girl! So proud of you too! I was at a baking wholesale place yesterday and thought you would love it (but you know it, I’n sure) – At Hobart corner shopping centre?

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