So Much Of Recognition, It’s Like Wow!

Holy crapperpoodle! I have been quite blown away, bunnies!


I have always said that I cringe a little inside when people tell me they admire me, or they think I’m a role model of some kind… I think I understand why they say it, but I honestly don’t feel like I should get recognition for what I have always seen as just being a mom, or being myself.

I don’t do anything I do for recognition, especially not when it comes to ADHD support. I do it because I know what it feels like to go through the process alone. I do it because I know I have the ability to help.


What am I getting at? Well, let’s start here shall we.


On January 13th, I got an email with this subject:

You have been nominated as a remarkable woman!

Bunnies, I came THIS close to ignoring it, lemme tell you that!

I didn’t, and when I opened it I found the most incredible nomination motivation.

I didn’t know who nominated me, but I have since found out that my mommy darling got a random email asking for nominations for the Female Tribe and 1st For Women Phenomenal Woman Award, and she nominated me for the work I do in creating ADHD awareness and supporting parents of ADHDers. She then forwarded it to a whole lot of people, who also nominated me!

How mind-blowingly flattering is that!?!

Anyhoodle. To accept the nomination in the “Heroine” category, I had to send in a headshot and I had to write my own nomination motivation. Now that was hard!

It’s exceptionally difficult to write something about yourself- toot your own horn in essence- without sounding completely vain!

Anyhoodle, I sent off my nomination motivation and my headshot, and I blogged about it too, but thought nothing more of it.

On February 9th, I got another email congratulating me on being a semi-finalist! I was stunned and beyond excited! I started wondering if I could win it and how cool it would be! Then I went and read the other nominees and I was convinced that I had gone as far in the competition as I would be going.

I then had to answer another set of questions, which were far from easy to answer properly! They sent me questions like “What’s your inspiration?”, “What are your greatest strengths?”, “What are the challenges faced by South African women and how would you advise them?” and “How do you balance home and work life?


I answered all the questions to the best of my ability, and then found that all the questions and answers were posted on the Feather Awards website for all to see- along with my picture!! Talk about daunting. This was also when I found out there’s a Facebook page for the awards too, and after I tweeted it and mentioned it on Facebook, several people went to the site and left a message there for me. Talk about an ego boost!

On February 23rd, I got an email notifying me that I was one of the finalists in my category. Me! A finalist in the heroine category!

Lemme tell you bunnies, this makes the high school beauty pageant that I so wished I’d been nominated for, pale in insignificance!

The gala event- uber larny- is on March 25th 2010, which is when I’ll find out whether I’ve won my category or not. I have some hectic competition lemme tell you- but it’s so cool and so very humbling!





And then there’s this!


At the beginning of February, Female2Female announced the launch of their Phenomenal Woman Award search, and called for nominations.

I blogged about it, but I didn’t get to nominating anyone myself despite the many incredible and deserving women I know. And then last week, I got an email from Laura telling me that the judges had decided I was the winner! Me! Wow!

The nominations sent in on my behalf gave me such a lump in my throat when I read them. I REALLY do not feel like I deserve such an award… it’s very humbling. And then I read the nominations for other women, and I felt even less deserving!

There are some truly amazing women out there, bunnies.


I think I need to post some more about them so you can see what I mean.

18 thoughts on “So Much Of Recognition, It’s Like Wow!

  1. Angel – congratulations! I dont know you that well but from the short time I have followed your blog I have recognised your selflessness and authenticity. Its tangible in everything you do!
    .-= melody´s last blog ..A New Day =-.

  2. Honey, you ARE a phenomenal woman. This post almost brought tears to my eyes. I know I don’t comment a lot. Hell, never have… But know I do wander in and check on this amazing Angel I know because she does stay in my thoughts.

  3. Yes you do deserve it. Hodling thumbs that you will walk away with the reward. 🙂

  4. I don’t know where my son and I would be on our ADHD journey if there was no Angels Mind. You deserve every single award and more.
    Much love to you..xx

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