Wow… I Am Alive Bunnies!

I can’t remember when last I went so long between posts! Between the cupcakes, ADHD support, the wedding planning course, planning my wedding, working and the kittens I am just barely keeping my head above water!

I don’t know what I would do without my precious love, my Glugster. I can quite literally cry on his shoulder when I need to, and he’s always there when I need him. He helps around the house (yes, we have a maid, but there’s still stuff to do) and doesn’t even get miffed when I bake all night instead of paying him attention!

The knucklehead has been away for about a week house-sitting for a friend of mine, so we’ve had a very quiet house. I haven’t forgotten that I promised a post about his progress over the last year, but it has been a surprisingly difficult post to write.

I am updating my cat’s blog with the most precious kitten photos and stories of their progress (yes, they have their own blog) and this is especially for their first mommy Shebee since she got so attached to them.

The wedding planning course is FAN-TASTIC! I am learning an awful lot as well as making some awesome contacts in the business, and I am working on a few new posts (about the course and a few other things) for my wedding planning website. There is also a series of weekly photographer interviews on the site that I am having so much fun doing! There are some truly fabulous wedding photographers out there lemme tell you.

I am continuously getting cupcake orders which is simply fantastic! My darling Glugster helped me jazz up my cupcake site with an easy to use contact form and I am actually getting email queries directly from the website! Its awesome! Thank you to all of you who have bought cupcakes from me! It truly boggles my mind that my little hobby has gotten so big!!

And in case anyone noticed :), I have been more than a little scarce on the reading and commenting circuit as well, and I miss knowing whats going on something dreadful! When I open my Google Reader and see how much I’m missing out on I get quite fed up.

Thank goodness I can keep up a little by using Twitter…

13 thoughts on “Wow… I Am Alive Bunnies!

  1. How on earth do you manage all of your interests, your family, your actual job and everything else you do. You must sleep very little 🙂

    I wanna get me some cupcakes – but I’m on a diet 🙁
    .-= mommanats´s last blog ..Our 8 month journey…. =-.

  2. Am soooo missing your posts. Best I get onto Twitter then. And I am enjoying the photographer interviews on the other site.
    Even though you are very busy you sound gloriously happy. And that, my dear is a fabulous thing..xx

  3. I know the feeling all too well. I’ve been a bad little commenter and my reader just scares me with how much there is to catch up on every day.

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