The Caption Competition…

Voting is in progress!

I chose my favourite 8- and it was really difficult to do- then made up LOLcats type pictures and sent them to several people who do NOT blog or tweet so they could tell me which is their favourite.

I’ll announce the winner on Friday.

4 thoughts on “The Caption Competition…

  1. hey Angel, I dont blog or tweet, just read a few blogs regularly, I hope you included the two that I mentioned, they are the best, one of them should win, please, thanks 🙂 (and i dont read the blogs of the people who did leave captions so I’m judging totally unbiased here)

  2. hey girl… sick here. just letting you know why im very very absent… beyond the normal I dont have any alone time really.


    loved the LOLcats.
    and I couldnt come up with anything witty.
    steroids do that to my brain.

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