It Was Voted On

Out of a mind blowing 81 entries (some of which were outside the Sunday night deadline) – WOW – the winner is…



In a very close second place was Fairy Girl’s submission:


And here are my two personal favourites!! One of Tanya’s many many entries:


And Charlene:


I sent all my favourites (8 of them) to friends and family who are not online socially so they could help me choose a winner- so it was completely unbiased. And its incredible how different a sense of humour can be from person to person, which is really obvious when you watch something like “America’s Funniest Home Videos”… Anyhoodle. MeeA- I’ll get a hold of you to organise your prize.

Thanx all bunnies!!

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  2. I’m disappointed with the outcome….but it’s your blog and competition and decision…I guess we have different senses of humour.

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