Crime Sucks!

We were burgled.

This was a first for me and for my Glugster. We’ve had phones stolen and cars broken into and such, but we’ve never had someone in our house or anything like that.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning- we’re guessing between 3am and 4am- someone came into our house and helped themselves to some of our stuff.

I discovered something was up when I woke up coughing- because I have bronchitis, not because we were gassed or anything- at about 7am. The first thing I always reach for is my phone, and this time my beloved Blackberry wasn’t next to my bed. I was a little puzzled, but I looked around and looked under the bed, and then got up to see if I’d maybe left it on the chest of drawers or something. That was when I found two of the little drawers from inside my jewellery box on the floor- empty except for my strawberry earrings which are obviously plastic.

I was now a little wary- but not entirely awake- so I made my way downstairs to see if anything else was amiss.

The back door was ajar, and on the lawn outside was my handbag- unpacked, my wallet- open and rifled through, Damien’s spiked leather armbands, a broken DVD player that I believe was under my bed and 2 more of the drawers from my jewellery box- mostly empty.

I grabbed the stuff, shut the kitchen door and went to wake my Glugs.

I spose I coulda been a little more gentle, but I was trying to make sure the cats were okay and see what else was missing when I woke him with “Babe, there was someone in the house.” Then he realised his laptop and cellphone were missing.

The guy missed my camera- which was next to my bed and perhaps invisible in the dark- but went through the camera bag, thankfully not taking my long lens. He also didn’t take my laptop which I think he may have decided was too big and heavy. Then Damien woke up and discovered his phone was also gone. After a quick headcount we realised Magic was missing too. Greebo was under Damien’s duvet and Taxi was hiding under my bed with the babies. The cats were visibly freaked out, peeping out at us with huge eyes, and Taxi stayed jumpy most of the day. Damien went looking and found a very scared Magic down the road, hiding in a bush outside another complex. He allowed Damien to pick him up and carry him home, which is very unlike him. All cats then accounted for I was a little happier.

The crook took the PS2, my precious Thomas Sabo dragon earrings, most of my earrings which are almost all costume jewellery, all our cellphones, the laptop, the DSTV card (WTF!!?!?), and a large chunk of my feeling safe at home.

Now, before you launch into comments about the state of our nation, this could SO have been prevented!

Plain and simple, we were lax and complacent. We got lazy. Firstly, it turns out the electric fencing around the complex wasn’t working, which we didn’t know. This was barrier number one, and its not functioning meant the crook could happily climb the wall into our garden, out of sight of the 24 hour security guard. He had a look through a few windows, prolly looking for dogs or something, before trying the back door.

Second, we did not properly lock the back door and security gate. The maid had been there that day, and even though I know she usually leaves it open, the door wasn’t checked. Third, the alarm wasn’t armed, mostly because the cats set it off, and its not a pleasant noise to wake up to- but it woulda scared the bejeebers outta the dude when he opened the back door. And fourth, the upstairs security gate wasn’t locked.

I understand that the principle is there- that you don’t go into someone’s house regardless of how open and unlocked it is- but thats not the country we live in. If you don’t take the necessary precautions in our beloved South Africa, you are going to get yourself screwed.

I was rather impressed in that it only took 2.5 hours for the police and the detectives to come around and do their thing. I wasn’t even expecting to see them on the same day let alone that morning. They took our stories and the cellphones IMEI numbers, as well as the serial number of the PS2 (yes, we still had all the boxes, I’m one of those people).

And then we started the process of acquiring replacement or loan phones (thank you darling sister C for the loans), doing the sim-swap thing and claiming from insurance. Now, this is all good and well, but I never added my beloved BB or Damien’s new Nokia to my Outsurance- which is strange for me because I usually adjust my out-and-about cover as soon as I get new phones. This means the insurance on the phone they have on record is not enough to replace my BB. We are also going to have problems with insurance BECAUSE the house wasn’t properly locked and protected.

What makes me sad is that the first thing I thought once I’d made sure everyone was okay, was that it could have been worse. Instead of an opportunistic schmuck, he coulda been a vindictive SOB and tied us up, or attacked us, or more. It wasn’t bad enough that he’d been in our house.


And we had to miss my Glugster’s newest niece’s christening and family lunch because we had to wait for the cops and such! My sister and colleagues scored ‘coz they got to eat the cupcakes I baked as a gift…

~where “he” came over the wall~
~muddy footprints in the flowerbed~
~muddy footprints in the flowerbed under the window~

In all honesty, you wanna know what bugged me the most about having some stranger in my house and sneaking around my bedroom? I sleep naked… lawdy how I hope it was cold and I was covered!

24 thoughts on “Crime Sucks!

  1. That gets to me as well. That they get INTO your room…as in next to your bed and you don’t wake up.

    And then to be happy they didn’t hurt you…ai but I AM glad you didn’t get hurt. Good luck with getting everything replaced
    .-= Melany´s last blog ..Look who is playing rugby again! =-.

  2. Wah so glad you are ok Angel! The idea of someone standing right there next to me while I am sleeping creeps me the hell out! So so glad he didn’t do anything violent.
    .-= Po´s last blog ..New blog =-.

  3. gee i can’t imagine. I would be totally freaked out. i am really bad about locking all the doors. granted if someone would try to come in our house he would be greeted by a 160lb great dane and a 70lb lab neither one liking strangers in their house.
    But having someone in your bedroom while your sleeping is just a whole other type of creepy
    .-= katy´s last blog ..Sunrise from above =-.

  4. Hey my friend…. as you know, this exact thing happened to us 18 months ago. Twice in six weeks. It is horrible. It makes you feel so unsafe…

    I am seriously thankful you guys are fine.

    PS. I sleep naked also and had the same thoughts LOL
    .-= Wenchy´s last blog ..Men are from Mars and woman talk (or cry). =-.

  5. Such an invasion. So freaky. I am glad you and your family are safe and that they just took stuff. And I won’t judge you for not insuring your phones. I am also very, very bad with this type of admin.
    LOL…at your sleeping naked worries..x

  6. This really sucks, Angel! I’m glad you guys are all okay, though.
    Also, I don’t envy you the insurance fight because I know how unpleasant that can be. I’m also not about to judge you for your complacency and the fact that your BB and Nokia phones weren’t insured – I know all about how quickly a bit of admin can get away from you!
    I believe that there is a syndicate operating in Midrand, though, and that they just might be receiving assistance from some security personnel. They generally seem to know when the electric fences are down and which places are easiest to target, and in some cases they also know where to find the valuables…
    Meh. Fuckin’ criminals!
    Hope you guys are sorted and settled again soon.
    .-= MeeA´s last blog ..Wanna Win a Weekend Away? =-.

  7. That would actually freak me out aswell! But I suppose rather they take what they want and leave than wake you up!

    Sorry it happened though – its really such a violation!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..I am happy now! =-.

  8. LOL @ sleeping naked, even though its a shitty burglar I would also worry if I were covered up (although I always wear PJ’s).

    Geez its so annoying losing things, but that he was right there so close to you while you were asleep, weirdddd, and he even checked under the bed, how could he be so sure you guys wouldn’t wake up?!?!? I think being so close to you while you’re totally defenceless is the scariest part, but thank goodness you’re okay!

    Sorry about the earrings, I guess those are kind of irreplacable and I know how much you loved them :(((

    We dont have burglar guards or security gates, we do have electric fencing which my dad is going to increase the voltage on because even if its on I dont think its much of a deterrent so we’d really like to shock someone who tries to get in, and best security ever we have a german shepard who is quite aggressive towards strangers.

  9. Oh how awful for you! I’ve been burgled several times (Cape town!) but not in the last few years, and thankfully always when I was out. But I know exactly what you mean by wide eyed kitties! My cats at the time (RIP Buddy and Perky) were SO freaked out. As odd as this may seem to an international reader, I am honestly glad for your sakes that your burglar was only after stuff, and not on some vengeance mission. Seriously – you didn’t wake up when he took the BB off the nightstand? I would have probably sat bolt upright immediately when the backdoor opened. But then I don’t really sleep well at all.

    The thing that bugged me all those years ago, was the smell in my house. I swear I could SMELL the bastard had been there. Even now, I still unlock the door and the first thing I do is take a deep breath, as if I could smell if anyone else was there besides me.
    .-= Ness at Drovers Run´s last blog ..Raining =-.

  10. sorry to hear of the break-in its so violating knowing they were in the room thankfully though nobody was harmed and that all the material stuff can be replaced – we also had them break into our place luckily though all they got was my cell and my daughters portable dvd player (it was dark and i think they mistook it for something else) we even phoned my number and the cheeky buggers answered the call and said they would be back for the tv and computers they came 2 days later but got nothing cos our dogs chased them! we have since had perimitre beams fitted and also now use our alarm religously!

  11. Its always such an invasion when you get robbed. I’ve never been in the house when it happened. It must be a scary thought knowing that someone was tip-toeing around rumblin’ through yer stuff…its horrid.
    .-= Gilz´s last blog ..Girl Powa! =-.

  12. I am just so glad you guys are all fine. I stopped sleeping naked when our neighbours were burgled. Now with the kids it does not make sense either.

    I hope you feel safer soon – as well as the poor kittens.

  13. aaaw hun, i’m so sorry this happened. it completely sucks, but as Jackson Files said, stuff is just stuff, no motter how f@#$ing inconvenient it is to replace.

    the worst is the feeling of violation at having your space invaded, but that too gets better over time i guess.

    so happy you, yours and your kitties are ok

    .-= meganTS´s last blog ..In Which I ask for Help =-.

  14. Sheesh, how awful 🙁 so glad u guys are all ok tho. Poor kitties 🙁

    I must say, I did lol at the sleeping naked thing!! When I sleep naked I *always* think ‘what if someone breaks in’ … Lol.

  15. OMG IN YOUR ROOM WHILE YOU SLEPT. that is enough to frighten the bejeeeezus out of me. it’s like my worst nightmare ever.

    you know, it is perfectly okay to feel grateful that nothing else happened. and to be honest that kind of crime is not unique to South Africa. anyway, I am SUPER glad you are all personally unharmed. stuff is just stuff – even blackberries.
    .-= The Jackson Files´s last blog ..i suppose he’s going to get on the roof sometime =-.

  16. Jee! I think it must be terrible for someone to break into your house, but knowing that he was around while you were sleeping must be absolutely terrifying. I am so glad that he was just after the stuff and that he did not hurt any of you.

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