He Called!!!

I announced it on Twitter on the day it happened, but I didn’t blog about it… Sorry!

The knucklehead’s father called me the evening of the day I dropped off the letter! I was quite stunned! Glugs and I were at dancing, and when we got back I had a missed call and a voice message. I didn’t recognise his voice at all, but he said he’d received the letter and could I please call him back.

I sat there with the phone in my hands for probably 5 minutes before I actually called him back. I can’t put into words what I was feeling at the time, but I dearly DEARLY wished I didn’t have to call him back. A piece of me had been hoping he wouldn’t make contact at all.

When I eventually did dial his number it was 9PM, so I took it as a good sign that he answered since it meant he had spoken to his wife about my boy. I could also hear her in the background while we spoke. We didn’t chat at all. I had said in the note that the knucklehead had asked me to find him so we simply made arrangements for where we could meet. We picked a restaurant we both knew how to get to, and that was it. We’ll confirm closer to the time, but we now have a meeting planned. He didn’t sound excited over the phone, nor did he sound disappointed. He sounded… prepared. I got the sense, from his tone of voice, that he had been preparing himself for the likelihood of the knucklehead making contact, just as we had.

The knucklehead was typically unexcited when I told him he’d called. I think I got a non-commital “cool” which is his standard response to everything. Sometimes I WISH he’d show a little excitement…

Anyhoodle. I’ve spent the last few days trying to imagine what this meeting is going to be like. The three of us- me, the knucklehead and Glugs- will all be going together so that we have each other as back-up. I am assuming he will bring his wife, but I will confirm all this with him when I speak to him again.

Just something on a side note… I have always referred to the knucklehead’s father as his father. I’ve never spoken about him as his “dad” because to me, personally, there’s a big difference between the two words. Anyone can be a father, not everyone can be a dad.

19 thoughts on “He Called!!!

  1. I bet that was a crazy jolt to your system! Just playing catch up. Been in country about 72 hours and finally got an electrical plug to charge the laptops. Hope to have my iPhone setup soon to read you on-to-go too!
    .-= Darla´s last blog ..shouldn’t blog drunk =-.

  2. All will work out just right – moenie worrie nie!!! 😉 Will wait for the next “episode” – Take Care

  3. GOSH – its so exciting yet scary – I am bursting at the seams for you its like DAYS OF OUR LIVES………………. but Dont stress its gonna be okay – it always is

  4. Oh, i have been waiting on tenterhooks to hear what was going to happen. Don’t worry about the knuckleheads ‘lack’ of response – he is probably uber excited and just not wanting to show it in front of MUM you know?

    While it is likely to be a very nervous, frightening time, thank goodness he did make contact, so that you guys can have some kind of resolution. I’m a firm believer (now in later life) that rather DO than NOT DO, because the regret of having done nothing, said nothing, is far far worse, than ‘putting it out there’ and getting a rejection.

    I will be thinking of all of you, even though I don’t know you, when this happens. Best of luck, love and light.
    .-= Ness at Drovers Run´s last blog ..So about those new plans… =-.

  5. I’m glad the 3 of you will have each other there. I suspect you’ll all need the support, at least in the beginning.
    Have faith that it will be a lot less stressful than you think it might be.
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..Up Close and Personal =-.

  6. You are a wonderful mother into doing this for your son. You’re brave and strong and I pray that everything will go the way that you want it to go. Good luck.

  7. Wow, this is a big one. Good luck – I am glad you have the Glugster to support you. And yes, the dad/father thing – mine was both, just a pity I only had him for 6 odd years in my life. I could have done with a lifetime with him.
    .-= cat@juggling actr´s last blog ..Tag! =-.

  8. Wow, your life never ceases to amaze me!!

    I hope that this meeting bring forth fruit that adds real value to all of your lives! I cannot wait to read all about it!!
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Screaming and screaming =-.

  9. Good – I’m glad you’re taking the Glugster with you.

    That bit about the words “father” and “dad” made me smile. I agree that the two are very different. Mine was a bit of both, I guess, but I generally refer to him as my father, not my dad…
    .-= MeeA´s last blog ..Spreading Some More Blogger Love…. =-.

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