Lookit Lookit!

Girl Guides is live!


Girl Guides is gadgets being reviewed by chicks for… wait for it… chicks!!

Be it a GPS, phone, laptop, PC, mouse, printer, AV device, camera, you name it- chances are you’ll find a review of it here eventually!

Anyhoodle, I was pleasantly surprised and hugely honoured when I was invited to be a part of this project. I’m a blogger and a mom, and I do love gadgets, but I am not an uber-tech-savvy geek or anything! Now I am priviledged to be part of a team of awesome people who get to test and review products supplied by the manufacturers specifically for us to tell them what we think- as women!! Of course, it wouldn’t be a chick thing if it didn’t mean we had the opportunity to get together over wine and nibbly things to swop gadgets and talk about the ones we have!

The website is a beta version (which means there may be hiccups or little things that don’t work properly), so pop over and have a look and leave a comment or some constructive feedback in the “Give Us Your Feedback” box on the right hand side of the screen. Its very important that you comment on the reviews and such and on the site as the format to be used for the comments is still to be decided!

Its going to be awesome!

My reviewer profile isn’t up yet, but pretty soon you’ll be able to find me there and read reviews of products I have played with.

Ooh, and you can find Girl Guides on Twitter and Facebook too!

Brace yourselves, the women are taking over, one website at a time!

11 thoughts on “Lookit Lookit!

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  2. oh and one other thing, the pic of the girl at the top, her shoulder is bent forward at a weird angle, she looks deformed, I had to move my face close to the screen to get what was going on, at first it looked like a weird boob perched up there. so I’d change that pic 🙂

  3. I saw the feedback box but I’m going to leave my comments here, because I like you and don’t know who will read the message if I send it via the web-site.

    Firstly, the white text on the scrolling banner is a big No-no, half the words are illegible as they’re blending into the background, change the text colour.

    Okay that was firstly and lastly, as thats my only criticism, I like that there are pros and cons listed at the bottom of the reviews ( I only checked two so I’m assuming they’re all ike that) or as you guys call it turn ons and turn offs.

    Anyways, good luck with the site, I dont see the need for a female review site, I’d read reviews generated by people who know what they are talking about and are up to date with technology, whether they have a penis or vagina, it doesnt matter as long as you can trust their opinion. For me, I would not visit girlguides.co.za.

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