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One of the major causes of ADD is hereditary. Do either you or Damien’s dad have it as well?

Well Spear… I was never diagnosed, but I do believe I have ADD, a relatively “mild” case if there is such a thing. I taught myself coping mechanisms as I got older, especially after Damien was born. I do have some sensory issues in that I cannot block out ambient noise- I hear everything all the time, and I am easily distracted, but I need to do several things at once to be able to focus on one of them. I need to have the TV on whilst I blog or bake- its my “white noise”…

I believe Damien’s father does indeed have ADHD, but I don’t know if he was diagnosed.

My father also has ADHD, and I believe my sisters also have it… My poor knucklehead didn’t stand a chance!!

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  1. Thank you for your honesty in this post. My husband is definitely ADD. I’m trying to get him to have it diagnosed and treated but he is not interested. Yet he does whatever he needs to do to get the help that our ADHD son needs and is there 100% with all decisions made wrt this. How ironic is that?
    It is possible that I may have a very mild case too. I am very easily distracted and also need to do several things at once. I am very noise sensitive though and cannot have sounds around me all the time. I actually cannot do white noise. My brother is also ADD (also undiagnosed and untreated) so I guess my poor son also never stood a chance..x

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  3. I was never diagnosed with ADD but i know what you mean i can look back now and recognize stuff. I am dyslexic which I i know is also hereditary.
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  4. I had no idea there was a difference between ADD and ADHD until a friend of mine explained the difference. His son has ADD, but is so mellow and relaxed, but he is just easily distracted. The “hyper” one can be a handful, apparently, because its hard for them to just sit.
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