Blogging My Blog, Tamara Asked…

What was your favourite bit of your wedding?

Well,  like I said to Julia, there were lots of moments! My favourite was when my Glugster put the ring on my finger. I loved our vows. I loved the dancing. I loved my dress. I loved all the fuss. I loved seeing all the people that were there. It was such a wonderful day.

What is the trait you are proudest to have passed on to Damien?

Hhmmm… I think I gave him his artistic talent, which I am rather chuffed about.

I feel have given him a keen awareness of what it means to follow the rules. I know he gives them a skip every now and then, but I think he understands why certain things are rules- or law- and he sees it when other people go contrary to them.

What weird quirks does Glug have that make you smile?

Quirks eh… well, he loves it when restaurants have toothpicks on the tables! He giggles himself silly at the BBC program “QI”, and I just love hearing him laugh.

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  1. Hi Angel
    I’ve recently learnt about Sensory Intergration and how it affects children specifically. My daughter has been diagnosed with ADD and I am also leaning towards her being sensory sensitive – whats your thoughts on this subject?

    Great blog by the way 🙂

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