Its My Daddy Darling’s Birthday…

he celebrated his 58th birthday today.

Thassaright bunnies, my daddy darling is a veritable spring chicken!!!


My daddy darling is just the most awesome dad. On our birthdays, he works out how old we are in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds! On my 21st birthday, he toasted me, and then made me stand on a table while I made my toast and then I had to drink a cocktail! At my wedding, he reduced all my guests to tears with his speech! He adores his children. His grandchildren are so precious to him. His wife, my mommy darling, is still his sweetheart after all these years.

This has been a rough year for my dad. A couple of years ago he had a brain bleed which thankfully – despite fears and exploratory surgery- was not an aneurysm… but the two weeks in hospital was really hard on him and it took a long time for him to start recovering. Then earlier this year he had a stroke and his kidneys started giving him grief and his blood pressure went through the roof… all that coupled with his diabetes has made his life a series of trips to doctors and specialists and emergency rooms and and and… Of course, this has made us all even more determined to take every possible opportunity to celebrate with my dad. I am so awesomely blessed to have my daddy darling still with me… there was a point when I was genuinely afraid he wouldn’t be around to walk me down the aisle!

The role he has played in my darling Damien’s life is huge, and the knucklehead has great respect for his grampa- as do all his grandsons.

I love you my daddy darling. I am ever so grateful that we could spend another birthday with you.

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  1. My Angel – Daddy is so precious! And when the darling Knucklehead put his arm around Dad at your wedding and thanked him for always being there for you both ….. ….. I get a lump in my throat just remembering it. Love you all!!

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