Baking, Punks, Cops And Braais

Yup. My weekend was aaaawladat!!

This long weekend past was mine and my Glugs’ weekend off. I believe I have mentioned how we schedule a weekend “off” once a month for us to hang out and do nothing, perhaps see familyor have a date night or something…? Well, it wasn’t as quiet as I would have liked it to be…

For one thing I didn’t have a Friday off. I baked the whole of Friday for a delivery to a wedding on Saturday morning and a birthday party order. On the way back from the deliveries, we stopped at a costume shop to rent ourselves some goodies for The Cow’s punk themed birthday party. I fell in love with the blue wig I rented and was sorely tempted not to give it back… but I couldn’t do that.

The party was a blast and we decided at about 11pm that it was time to take ourselves off home and to bed. No problemo. We said our goodbyes and maneouvred ourselves out of The Cow’s packed driveway.


Twenty or so minutes later we were close to home, and got pulled over in a road block. Instant butterflies, even if I haven’t been drinking!! Now, my Glugs does not believe in lying to or trying to bribe traffic officers, so when they asked if he’d been drinking he said yes, that we’d been to a party. They asked him to step out of the car* and they proceeded to have a conversation that I couldn’t hear! After a few minutes, he came back to the car and said he’d convinced them to allow me to drive home even though I had also had a few drinks, but they were going to take him to the testing Centre for a breathaliser test! I drove home to await the results of the testing process, and Glugs proceeded to get more and more fed up with them. At the testing centre- which is a good 30 minute drive from the road block- there was one functioning breathaliser and LOTS of people to be tested. By the time it was Glugs’ turn it was almost 2 hours since they pulled us over and he tested well under the legal limit! Then they had to drive him back to the roadblock so I could pick him up… had he tested over the limit they would have taken him to our local police station and I would have had to bail him out. By the time all the collecting was done we got to bed at almost 2am. And then it took me a good hour to fall asleep!

I was already tired from a long 13 hours on my feet the previous day, and by now I was exhausted!

Sunday we spent with my family at our house, braaing and swimming. Well, the kids swam. As most people know I am very close to my family and it was a lovely relaxed day with waaay too much food consumed! By the time we braai’d for lunch after attempting to sleep a little it late and doing some shopping, I was all but a zombie. I was super impressed with how well behaved our dogs, Thelma and Louise, behaved with all the people there and I’m very proud of them. They didn’t even beg when we were sitting eating our food!

Sunday night would have been an early night, but I could not get to sleep! I was sort of watching TV with burning tired eyes and playing “fetch” with Turk all night! Thassaright, I have dogs who don’t know how to play, and a crazy flame point kitten who plays “fetch”!! I really must try and get a video of this. Its quite incredible.

The knucklehead spent most of the weekend with his father, and he says he had fun. SFSG with that situation.

So anyway. Today I am all but asleep on my feet. I think I need an early night… its going to be a busy week!


*so he doesn’t drive away I wonder?

15 thoughts on “Baking, Punks, Cops And Braais

  1. I don’t mean to be narcissistic or anything, but I am totally claiming credit for the fetch thing. I used to play it with all the kittens, Ally Cat also does it, so does Seasea. I always had dogs, see, so it’s the only way I knew how to play with animals…

    .-= SheBee´s last blog ..On chilled tobacco… =-.

  2. Hi Angel, saw your comment on another blog and came to visit.

    Love your beautiful cupcakes – you are so, so talented. I drool…. literally 🙂

    The Glug is exactly like me – I will NOT bribe no matter what. They can take me away but I will not give into their corruption 🙂

    Um, if that’s a non-busy weekend, you have TONS more energy than I do 🙂 The braai sounds delicious, by the way.
    .-= Marcia (123 blog)´s last blog ..Mother-in-law drama and family help =-.

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend. I do love that blue wig. It is totally you. Perhaps you should become a blue-hair girl??

    Quite an ordeal that Glugster had. Glad all is well now. And happy that the father situation = SFSG..x

  4. Hey Angie, SFSG is “so far so good”
    I don’t post much about the father situation anymore… and if I do its a password protected post.
    “So Far So Good” about covers it.

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