Why Am I So Bloody Neurotic!??!

The knucklehead has a friend over for the weekend. They’ve been friends for a long time and Damien is very excited about having him here. He’s been a bit lonely and the other day I actually found him adding himself to an online dating site!! I convinced him it was a bad idea for now… I do so wish he could find full time employment and get his license organised. I’m convinced he would not be so lonely then.


This morning, he and his buddy walked to buy cigarettes. They dawdled, as they can be expected to do.

I called the knucklehead to find out what was taking so long. He accidentally hung up on me and I was instantly worried that something had happened or he had done something and couldn’t- or wouldn’t- answer the phone. I called again and they were round the corner from home, all good.

Why did I even phone him? I can leave him home alone for a whole weekend without too much stress… but I worry when he takes too long to go to the shop for cigarettes!

12 thoughts on “Why Am I So Bloody Neurotic!??!

  1. I so get what you mean in this post. I do hope that I will eventually outgrow the neurosis. Apparently it doesn’t happen that way because of the fact that we are Mama’s.

  2. When I recall what you have been through with darling D I am not surprised at all by your reaction. I really don’t blame you. Let me help him study for his learners. Love love love!

  3. I noticed the other night that I’m neurotic over Jon too. When you expect someone at a certain place at a certain time (round about, anyway) and they don’t show up, and aren’t available to call, immediately we worry, it’s programmed into us. We sadly live in a society where crime is a very realistic reality, and an every day occurance. We also love our special people, and by them not answering calls when we’re worried, it is very difficult to not automatically panic and think the worst.

    Anything could happen at any time. It’s normal for you to make sure that Demon is okay, even when it’s just up the road for a pack of smokes. Because anything could happen. But the thing we have to try and remind ourselves about is that yes, anything could happen – but how much of it can we control with a phone call anyway?
    .-= SheBee´s last blog ..Bucket List =-.

  4. I phoned the security company to go round and check on the kids when I couldnt get them on the phone. Sometimes you just get a sinking feeling that something has gone wrong. Rather be over cautious than too casual.

  5. I agree, it’s just a natural side effect of being a mom 🙂
    I once raced home from work (with emergency lights flashng, nogal) because no-one was answering any of the four phones at home! They were just playing outside out of earshot. We worry, it’s what we do best!
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