I’m Miserable With Flu

… and I’m feeling sorry for myself, and instead of sleeping off a Med-Lemon, I’m moping.

Feel free to jump to another blog instead of reading this codeine induced drivel.

I wish I was a writer. I fancied myself one once. My teachers thought I could be one when I was in high school. I realised later, that I may have been one of the better essay writers in my class, I’m not a writer. But I am a blogger, so I get to pretend sometimes. 😉

I wish I was a photographer. I had the idea that I could do it professionally, long ago. But I’m not. I’m a happy snapper with a fantastic camera that my darling husband gave to me because he knows I like to pretend.

I’m always a little jealous of the writers and photographers I know and admire.


I have a few things that I NEED to blog about, but I can’t because I don’t have the privacy or anonymity I need in order to do so… and because I don’t usually use language on my blog like the language I have bouncing around in my mental blog post drafts.

I will update with a proper blog post, but for now I’m going to go and wallow a little more.

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16 Responses to I’m Miserable With Flu

  1. acidicice says:

    *MWAH* Love you…gloomy/mopey or doped up.

  2. Briget says:

    I like to pretend I am a singer.. until the kids ask me to stop squawking in the shower..
    I hear you about the mental blogposts.. I have several million myself.

    Now go back to bed so you can get better soon ! 🙂
    .-= Briget´s last blog ..Winning- Exploding Reservoirs &amp Chocolate =-.

  3. SheBee says:

    Ah my friend – I hope you didn’t get this bloody flu from me, I’ve also been sniveling and miserable all week.

    Maybe another protected post is in order, my friend?

    Love you lots!
    .-= SheBee´s last blog ..To anti-biotic or to not anti-biotic =-.

  4. phats says:

    I hate being sick 🙁 Hope you feel better soon!
    .-= phats´s last blog ..Need 2 =-.

  5. Tania says:

    Hey doesn’t WordPress give you that privacy? Well I pretend to be a matured girl all the time! I don’t really know if I’m one or not! Having said that , you don’t really have to pretend to be a writer , because you really are one! You have got great sense of humor and creative style of writing down your feelings!
    Here’s a fun test , hope you’ll enjoy!!
    Are You Right for Writing?
    Are you sure you can string together sentences in a coherent and interesting manner?
    .-= Tania´s last blog ..You Know What =-.

  6. Mommy Darling says:

    Look how much you have done – you do all the time – writer ppffft – you are pretty amazing all the time and creative beyond what we can comprehend! You never cease to amaze us precious! Loooooove you – feel betta!!!!

  7. Hope you’re feeling better soon!!! Summer flu is the worst – at least in winter you can cuddle under the duvet and watch a good flick. In summer you’re just hot. Get better now and start blogging – I have a boring job that needs sprucing up by some interesting reading. 🙂
    .-= The Baby Mama´s last blog ..Why do I think I can’t- when I know I can =-.

  8. MeganTS says:

    .-= MeganTS´s last blog ..Internet People =-.

  9. hardspear says:

    Summer flu – the PITS! got it a week and a half ago, still not totally over. Hope you feel better soon.

    I also wish I was a novelist and a singer!

    Try Linctagon fizzy tabs by Nativa – all natural and really works!
    .-= hardspear´s last blog ..Friday Morning =-.

  10. Louisa says:

    Shame hun, hope you feel better soon…and there is always password protect for those have-to-write posts?
    .-= Louisa´s last blog ..278 – 281 of 365 =-.

  11. blackhuff says:

    I myself also love to blog because I like to pretend that I’m a writer 🙂
    .-= blackhuff´s last blog ..Oh how fun! =-.

  12. Bobbi Janay says:

    Lots of hugs and get to feeling better soon.

  13. Laura says:

    Aw my friend! Hope you feel better soon!!!

  14. Julia says:

    I like to pretend I’m a rock star. I play guitars and attempt to bash them. I write songs that will live forever and ever. I live my life in an alcoholic and drug-induced haze. And then I wake up to the real world and realize that I will never be that kind of rock star. Only the Mommy Star and the Wife Star and the Friend Star.
    I hope you feel better very soon. Hugs..xxx

  15. Bridget says:


    I like to play chef. I’ve got quite good at too.

    Feel better.
    .-= Bridget´s last blog ..Lessons in Life- A Series – The Unemployed =-.

  16. marcelle says:

    I know the feeling where one wants to blog and write about whats going on but cant…have just been there this week myself…and still feeling so down as I cant get it out!!!

    I too love blogging and photography….and not an expert in either, but who cares as long as I enjoy it…so just enjoy it!!!