Thirty Days of Blog, Day Six

Something you hope you never have to do.


46037923-ea5a-42b2-b972-bd57ce53a1b6_4I never want to lose my son… not in any way shape or form. Having a child really is like having your heart removed and having it walk around outside yourself. Its a love so intense it can be frightening, and its a very different love to the love I have for my husband.

And I hope I never have to kick my son out of the house.

I know this may seem “out there”, but tough love is something I believe in, and my darling knucklehead knows that there are limits to my patience and understanding.

I will love him forever no matter what, but I will not tolerate everything.

7 thoughts on “Thirty Days of Blog, Day Six

  1. I hope I never have to face the fact of either of my children being on drugs – I’ve seen what it can do and it terrifies me more than any other “parenting nightmare”

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