Thirty Days of Blog, Day Eleven

Something people seem to compliment you the most on.


11Sheesh… I dunno!!?

My cupcakes…?


I get compliments on my eyes and my smile.


I also get complimented on my sexy backside and my boobs… wait- that’s just my Glugster!! Mwaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa…


Okay, seriously. I do get complimented on my eyes and my smile.

I think “commended” is a better word than complimented when it comes to the other things people mention. My ability to see a situation from all sides and give advice is one that I hear a fair amount about. Not in so many words, but yes. My assisting parents of ADHD children is something that gets spoken of.


3pm edit…

I totally forgot to include my integrity!

I hope this doesn’t sound too self serving (as if blogging isn’t self serving), but I do get commended on my integrity. It has come up in every single performance review I ever had at work, and I pride myself on it. Whether I am asked to keep something a secret or not, the things I am told are not mine to share.

I have often been the victim of malicious gossip, and I decided I never want to make someone else feel like that. Sometimes its hard not to say anything, especially when something seems innocent…  


I’m doing a 30 Days Of Blog Challenge

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