I Had A Dream…

It was so crazy and silly I think I actually woke myself up so I could stop it!

Shebee and I were in Cape Town… from what I remember we were there to visit a construction site to speak to people about a new skyscraper. It was not yet finished, and all we saw was a huge yellow metal skeleton stretching up into the sky. The next thing I knew, I was at the top with one of the builders! It was so high we were actually looking around us into the darkness of space and looking down I could only faintly make out the ground. This builder I was with was playing sillybuggers at the top of this building frame and whilst I was laughing at him I was unimpressed.

Then I was on the ground with Shebee again, and a young woman arrived announcing she was going to jump off the top of the building!! Kinda like those mad people who dive off a ladder into a bucket or some such…KWIM? Anyhoodle, everyone seemed to think this was perfectly normal. She then went to stand under a spout that looked like it was coming off a cement truck, and Shebee and I shouted at her to take a deep breath as what looked like wet concrete poured out of the spout and over her head. Within seconds one of the builders reached out and yanked what was now a hollow condom-like rubber suit off of her!! You could see every detail of her face, even her eyes!

Then another builder type dude with holes in the back of his neck- as if it had melted- was showing me these weird metal strip things in the road, and if you lifted the road at that point- yes, lift it up like a big carpet- you could see how these metal strips played some crucial role in keeping the road in one piece… and then this same dude was pushing aeroplane seats up and down the veld area next to the road and showing me how easily the jewelled buckles on the seatbelts came off if you yanked on them too hard!! I was astounded that I’d never noticed the aeroplane seatbelt buckles were jewelled!!!

A split second later and Shebee and I were in a finished room in the building, but it turned out it wasn’t a real room- it was a computer programme that builds a room around you! Then the floor started heaving like it was on water… Shebee lost her temper and went back to our hotel.

Back at the hotel, in the room we were sharing, Shebee was dine packing, and 3 of my cats were there with us! I was in a flat spin as to how I was going to get them on the plane along with my luggage! Shebee left for the airport and whilst I was packing I realised my little battery powered travel alarm clock had caught fire in the closet! I used the blankets in the closet to beat and smother the fire and then started to make my way to the airport.

I tried to call Shebee but I had her phone!!

I get to the airport and they have all these aeroplane seats lined up as if they are on a plane, but they are standing on a lawn under a shade-cloth held up by wooden poles!! And there I find my nephew Nathan & his mother!

When the stewardesses started doing the rounds selling sweets and the like, and Nathan couldn’t have the ones he wanted, I woke up.

Okay all you budding dream analysts. Fot the wuck was that all about!??!?

7 thoughts on “I Had A Dream…

  1. Sheesh! Crazy stuff! That’s exhausting – u musta woken up tired after all that! 😉
    I LOVE the jewelled seatbelts, omg!

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