Thirty Days of Blog, Day Sixteen

Something you definitely could live without.


16Well, apart from about 30 extra kilograms, I will have to say I can happily go without junk food cigarettes Coke hay fever!!

I have been on medication for my hay fever for as long as I can remember.

In my early teens I had tests done to determine what I am allergic to and the results were frustrating. Over and above the usual like dust and pet dander, there are well over 70 plants- trees and grasses- which means there is no way I can avoid them all!

The frustrating part is that if my hay fever is out of control, my asthma goes for a loop too.

I have tried various meds, and many of them I seem to build up a tolerance for with too much use, so the ones that work for most people don’t help me anymore.


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