It’s Once Again Time For Some Sibling Rivalry

This year, we will be celebrating our 9th annual sibling supper!!


For those who don’t know, my brother and my two sisters and I have a Sibling Supper around Christmas time every year. We very seldom get to spend Christmas together as a family anymore since we’re married or involved and we have to share Christmas with in-laws and such, so we made a plan to make a new tradition for us.

It’s a very laid back, chilled supper that we all contribute to and share, and we reminisce and giggle and trade gifts… and here’s where it gets entertaining.


Because we now only buy Christmas presents for the children in our family, essentially to try and keep the costs down, we thought we would use our annual Sibling Supper as an occasion to trade gifts.

We now search for the most horrendous, kitsch, ugly, impractical piece of brick-a-brack we can possibly find and wrap it up as a gift. We then pull names out of a hat to exchange these gifts, and open them one by one.

The rule is then that you have to display your gift, in your house, where it can be seen by anyone and everyone. You may not hide it away, and if it breaks you have to fix it.

After a year, you get a new horrific gift and you can do what you like with the old one!



Now, bear in mind when you see pictures of our gifts given and received, that taste is relative- and something I consider hideous will be seen as gawjiss by someone else. By no means do we want to insult anyone’s taste when we label our gifts as atrocious. In fact, over the years we have each received something we actually rather liked that was considered dreadful by the sibling who gave it away!

Last year, I won the competition when my brother got my gift- a polystyrene chicken with real feathers glued to it to make it look life-like!

This year’s party will be taking place next Wednesday, so on Thursday you’ll hear all about it and see what we got!


You can read even more about the idea behind it here and here. You can read about 2009’s party here, and here are the links to the dinners held in 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005.

11 thoughts on “It’s Once Again Time For Some Sibling Rivalry

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  2. Hi

    Thanks SOOOO much for your kind words, advice and the link hugely appreciated. I will have alook at it.

    I just feel so sad and hopeless. And do not understand how this can be happening to my angel boy!?

    I would not be able to make it, but thanks for the invite. This had been a rather trying time on our whole family.

    I will look at the link thanks for your help, youre a honey!

    Suppose only time will tell.

  3. Angy: ADHD has no link to blood type, but it has a strong genetic link. If you look at your family history and your son’s father’s family, you will most likely find someone who battled at school. Keep in mind that not all children with AD/HD are hyperactive, and without knowing someone really well or having a detailed medical and school history its very hard to tell in retrospect.

    My son’s problems started at nursery school already, but the first mention of ADHD was when he had his school readiness tests. He was only officially diagnosed about halfway through Grade One though, and he repeated that year. If you’d like to, you can read more here about how the diagnosis process started for us: How We Got To Here (Part 6)

    Your son’s diagnosis is so not your fault!!

    Are you in Gauteng? I have a support group meeting for parents of AD/HD children at my house every other month, and the last one for this year is this Saturday at 10am. If you think you can make it I will send you my address and directions. We are going to be chatting about strategies for preparation for and coping with holidays. And you will be able to chat to some other parents.
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..It’s Once Again Time For Some Sibling Rivalry =-.

  4. that sounds pretty cool. we come from a large family of kids so it also breaks the bank getting their gift one year the adults also decided to get “silly” although some useful gifts that we all sat around and exchanged the twist was some were really bad and others really useful they were all put into a pile with no names or tags on. When u opened the gift the person to your left had the option to swop what they got with your gift (same gift could get swopped up to 3 times) it all ended up quite fun luckily i wasnt the one that ended up with the soap on the rope or hankies or socks!

  5. Hi, sounds like fun!

    I want to ask something abt ADHD, my son is 9 and has been diagnosed recently.

    Does it have any relation to blood type of the person? Or the mother and father? Neither of us have it and not aware of family history.

    What blood type is Damien? How did you find out he had and when?

    I have millions of questions and am quiet distraught! Me as parent..what did I do wrong for my little angel to get this?

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