Thirty Days of Blog, Day Nineteen

What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?


19When it comes to these two topics, I don’t really blog about either of them. Not because I think they’re contentious- which they are- but because I don’t discuss them in general.


Religion for me is something that each person has to deal with on their own. I was raised as a Christian and I am a Christian, but I am a Christian who believes that living and practising her faith is a far better way for people to see what her God is all about, than to preach it at people at every opportunity. No, I don’t go to church regularly, and no, I don’t read my bible and pray every day, and in all honesty- sometimes I miss those things as I believe they are an integral part of being a Christian… but bible bashing or faith bashing is something I abhor. Not only because it’s annoying, but because I don’t think it’s how Christ wanted Christians to behave.

I do hope, that when I tell someone I will pray for them that they believe me, because I do, and I hope that people know I am a believer in Christ’s redemption even if I don’t punt it at every opportunity.


As for politics… it saddens me tremendously that our country’s government continues to prove to us just how corrupt and ignorant they are, and it baffles me that they are continually voted back into office despite all the evidence showing they shouldn’t be there.

My personal opinion is that as public servants they should be paid as such, and should fear losing their jobs for non-performance.

They set a bad example and continue to screw over the people they are supposed to look after.


I will vote so as to have my say.


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