Thirty Days of Blog, Day Twenty

Your views on drugs and alcohol.


20Teehee, when I saw this day’s topic it made me smile a little. Anyone who knows me well enough will know I am against anything and everything illegal.


I wasn’t always that way, I did my share of experimenting with marijuana in high school, but quite frankly- I was too terrified to experiment with anything else! Then when I had my son, my views became a lot clearer on what I would allow and what I wouldn’t.


When it comes to alcohol, I have always been a little wary…

My daddy darling’s father was an alcoholic, and he was a mean drunk. When we did see Oupa sober, he was awesome! He would read to us from Rudyard Kipling’s Just So stories, and talk to us about birds and cooking. He had a vast knowledge of animals and nature and he was very interesting.

And my sister C is an alcoholic, who has been sober for almost five and a half years now! I am so very proud of her, but I can’t come close to imagining how she battles her addiction every single day.


I have had my fair share of drunken outings and driving drunk and the room spinning whilst I try and prop it up with one foot on the floor… but believe I outgrew it, and I was never all-fall-down torched in front of my knucklehead. He has seen me tipsy and giggly, but not more than that. And if I knew I was going to be partying, I would try to have him stay over with my folks, so that by the time I fetched him I was sober, albeit hung over.

Since my hernia repair operation though, I can’t throw up anymore as the new valve they built for me doesn’t work in reverse, and whilst I hate to admit it- the best way for me to get rid of excess alcohol before it forks me up completely is to throw up. Now that I can’t do that, I am very careful not to drink too much as I discovered to my detriment that waking up still drunk from the night before was FAR from pleasant!!


So there you have it.

For me, alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation and responsibly, and anything illegal is not an option.

Plain and simple.


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