Taking a Leaf Out Of Ruby’s Book…



Today, November 23rd 2010, I received a parcel.


It was a small parcel. A little, yellow, flat, bubble wrap insulated envelope, so there was no collection notification and it was put directly into my Postnet box.

I was rather excited to find it, I mean- who isn’t excited about surprise parcels?!? And it was especially surprising as I wasn’t expecting anything from anyone…


It weighed next to nothing, and I had a look at the addresses from and to, just to make sure I had not got someone else’s mail by mistake, and discovered it was from overseas! Bonus surprise!

I flipped it over to start opening it, and discovered that the seal was a wreck! It had been slit open neatly across the top, and inside was a small empty zip sealable plastic bag.


The nerve of whoever had opened it, to replace the empty plastic packet that my gift had been in!!?!? Then I was even more curious as to where it came from as the envelope stated it was a “key chain” valued at $1.50.


Then my eyes happened on the postage date, and I knew what it had been.



In August last year, I agreed to exchange links on my wedding blog with a company in the US who makes titanium wedding bands. They very kindly offered me one of their rings- up to a certain value of course- in exchange. I was then going to blog about receiving the ring as well as linking them on my site.

My ring never arrived.

I did link them on my blog regardless, but I simply assumed that the parcel had gotten lost or perhaps had not been sent at all.

This empty envelop I now held in my hand had contained my ring, and had been mailed to me on August 25th 2009.


Why the fork, SAPO, would you now send me the empty envelope?!??!!?! Are your staff now having a good giggle at how disappointed I must be to receive an empty envelope, more than a year after it was mailed to me?!?? Are they enjoying rubbing my nose in the fact that there is sweet blow all I can do about my loss?!!?! Are you somehow proud of yourself that even after more than a year, you didn’t lose my envelope!?!?!?


Well SAPO, rest assured, your shoddy reputation is intact.

I hope whoever took my ring has found joy in wearing it, rather than finding it was too small for them and having their finger rot off from lack of circulation…




A disappointed client who has little choice but to use your services.

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  1. Oh man. what a disappointment, but I suppose we have to get use to it!!!!! That is expected from the country we live in, and it gets worse each day! Luckily we have strength and sanity to keep sane and smile!! Dammmmmm!!

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