Thirty Days of Blog, Day Twenty Two

Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.


22Well, I think like most of the bloggers I’ve read who are doing this challenge, I believe that the things I’ve done in my life made me the person I am.


I do wonder occasionally about “What if…?” Like, what if I had not taken that job? What if I had not started blogging? What if I had never started smoking? What if I had not broken up with that guy?

I do wonder, once in a blue moon, how different my life would be now and what kind of person I would be had I made different choices.

But it’s just day dreaming. And it’s pointless.


The things I’ve done and the decisions I’ve made have formed my mind, my sense of self. They continue to shape the way I see situations and the choices I make.

The way I handle interpersonal relationships, the way I parent, the way I work, all stems from lessons I have learnt.


And I like who I am.


So I think for this day (which I know I am posting late), the answer is- nothing.


I’m doing a 30 Days Of Blog Challenge

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