Thirty Days of Blog, Day Twenty Three

Something you wish you had done in your life.


23Hhmmm… I’ve thought about this one often, and I have got to say that I wish I finished school properly, and studied further.

When my son was born, I was covered by my parents’ medical aid but my pregnancy was not, neither was my baby.

I started working full time when he was 7 months old (how lucky was I to get to stay home with him that long!?!) and organised my own medical aid that covered us both.

I had to start working. My parents couldn’t pay for all our groceries and nursery school fees and such, so I put off studying.

I figured I’d do it when he was older and I had more time to myself and and and… but I ever did. I did attempt to do my matric, I studied it through correspondence and split it over two years, but I didn’t put enough time or effort into it and it’s not worth the paper my results are printed on.

I did learn from that experiment though, that I didn’t have the self discipline to follow through with actually studying for a diploma or a degree, at least not part time..


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  1. Hearhear!! But you are a professional cupcake maker! And I don’t they have a cool enough degree for that!! Oh and blogger extroirdanaire. That would be an interesting class …

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