Thirty Days of Blog, Day Twenty Five

The reason you believe you’re still alive today.


25I know I know- I skipped day 24, I will get back to it still.

As to why I am still here? Because I’m a big chicken!


When it comes to taking physical risks, I think it over to death before I write it off or attempt it. I don’t ride rollercoasters. I was too chicken to even climb trees as a child! Climb on the roof of the house? Are you insane?!?! Accept a ride home from a club with a stranger? Madness!!! And I obey the law. All laws. I stick to the speed limit. I indicate. I stop at stop streets and I wear my seatbelt.


If I get into the existential meaning of life and all that, I believe I am here to do the most and the best with every opportunity thrown at me. I have let way too many chances just slip by me, and I have deliberately ignored many others because I lacked the self-confidence to go through with them.

I want to treat people fairly, and make people’s burdens a little lighter when I can- even if it is simply by complimenting them on their jewellery choice that day. I want to literally do unto others as I want done to me.

I am determined to ensure that if I am thought of when I am gone, it is with fondness.


I’m doing a 30 Days Of Blog Challenge

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