Thirty Days of Blog, Day Twenty Eight

What if you were pregnant, what would you do?


600px-us_28_svgOMG, do I even need to answer this one!??!

Anyone who has read this blog for even a couple of months will know how desperately my Glugster and I would love to have a baby of our own!!

Well, let me put it down here in black and white, so to speak, how I would react were we to actually fall pregnant.

Firstly, we would be both ecstatic and terrified. See, we’ve already discussed to death what we’d do were it to happen.

Since I’m heading for my late thirties*, and we’ve been told that my husband can’t having children and that I am not baby friendly anymore, any pregnancy would be considered risky.

We have decided that we would run a battery of tests to establish just how risky the pregnancy is. Forewarned is forearmed I believe. And yes, I know that sometimes it’s better not to know, but I would rather be prepared.

Then, we have agreed that we would not share the news until we were over the 12 week “danger phase”. It will be really hard for me to keep quiet, but we don’t want outside opinions and interference should we have to make some difficult decisions… if you know what I mean.


*now that’s scary to see in writing


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5 thoughts on “Thirty Days of Blog, Day Twenty Eight

  1. Oh course it would be nearly impossible to keep quiet about it! I think I could be in your shoes if that happy circumstance befell me.

  2. Hang in there- I’ve just had news that one of my friends who is 42 is 6 weeks pregnant. And they’ve been trying for years. Each person is different and each story is different, but I like to believe in happy endings – and perhaps a little happy ending of my own some day. You never know what wonders are awaiting you around the next corner.
    .-= The Baby Mama´s last blog ..Day 22 ? Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life =-.

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