Wow… Its Been Three Years!

This past Saturday, December 11th 2010, was the third anniversary of the day my Glugster and I fell in love.

And we both forgot!


Its been three years of happiness for me. Three years of love and sharing. Three years of waking up in my sweethearts’ arms. He has pushed me to think out of the box. He showed me that my fears were unfounded, and that there are still a few good men on this planet. He never allowed me to run away and offered me his arms so I could hide from the world in their embrace. He has accepted my son and cares for him as his own, attending doctors’ visits with me and organising a job for him. He has allowed me to follow through with a dream I shelved for many years and I am now self-employed. He romances me. He surprises me. He does little things like coming home with something he knows I will love, for no reason other than to make me smile.

I love you my sweet Glugster. You turned my world upside down and you made me whole. You make me happy.

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