Sibling Supper 2010

This year’s annual sibling supper was back at my house. I brought my outside table into my living room to set it for dinner, and I spent most of my preparation time shooing the cats off it!

For dinner, I made a roast beef with mashed potatoes and roast onions, and I made the mushroom dish I was taught to make at the Pick n Pay School Of Cooking… Okay, half of it… I only made half because the only puff pastry I could find was frozen! But the mushrooms went very well with the potato bites that sister C brought with her for our starter. Sister B brought roast veggies, and da Bruvva brought mini koeksisters and a malva pudding for dessert. Unfortunately, as happens every year, we never made it to dessert!


As we do every year, we laughed a lot, we argued over who had won previous years’ gift giving competitions, we reminisced, we decided on which one of us won the annual competition to buy slash find the worst gift (Sister C won that title this year) and we ate and drank and were merry. And we exchanged gifts after pulling names out of a hat. I got Sister C’s gift, Sister B got da Bruvva’s gift, Sister C got my gift and da Bruvva got Sister B’s gift.

And again- as I do every year- a disclaimer. What we see as horrendous and kitsch and crappy gifts is not meant as an attack on anyone’s taste. If you like something we dislike then bully for you!


Here’s a glimpse of my table set for dinner.


This is moi, opening my gift from Sister C. It gave me a headache! Its a horrendous 3D picture of a bouquet of flowers that kind of follows you around the room…


Here’s Sister B opening her gift, a teapot with a mustard yellow and brown striped crocheted cover that da Bruvva found in my Granny’s kitchen cupboard!


Sister C opening my gift! Doesn’t she look ecstatic! Its a faux-wood turtle body thats had its faux-wood shell replaced with some moulded plasticine that was covered with seashells!!


And da Bruvva opening his gift from Sister B. She re-gifted a previous sibling supper gift that she got from- wait for it- da Bruvva!!

11 thoughts on “Sibling Supper 2010

  1. I love hanging out with you guys – my favouritist people in the WORLD!!!! The food was lovely and I had lots of fun – can’t say my hubby is thrilled with my teapot though… hahaha!
    .-= Brigitte´s last blog ..TAGGED =-.

  2. I really think this is such a stunning idea – I could maybe do this with my younger brother, but not my older. We’d be at each other’s throats before anything else. Its a pity on my side, but on your side, I think you’re really blessed. How lovely to celebrate Christmas with family in a fun and loving way like this.
    .-= The Baby Mama´s last blog ..How cute is that =-.

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