Today Its My Birthday

I am celebrating the end of my thirty seventh year on this here planet. And what a year it has been!!

I got married to the man of my dreams!!

I had a fun and loved-filled wedding that exceeded my wildest imaginings!!

I had a honeymoon of fabulousness in Cape Town!!

I quit my job and became “The Cupcake Lady” full time!!

My precious knucklehead found himself full time, gainful employment!!

I got to spend some quality time with my bestest best friend Down Under!!

I got to meet some long-term online friends and I got to spend time with some really special people in a whole BUNDLE of social get togethers!!

We added 3 cats and 2 dogs to our furry family!!




I tell you oh ever loyal bunnies of mine- I am the luckiest, happiest woman alive!!

19 thoughts on “Today Its My Birthday

  1. May the last 12 months be just the springboard for future happiness sweetie, for all your ups you’ve had some downs which you have handled with such strength and grace for which I applaud you! The downs just make the ups that much better. I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, happiness, health and love – and if there’s some wealth in there too then that’s a bonus!! Have a fantabulous day xxx

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