I Did It!

I joined Weigh-Less!

Its the first time in my life that I have joined up with some kind of formal weight loss program. After I filled in the form, I stepped on the scale. It was about what I expected since I have a scale- but my scale at home was short of 2kg so I had to adjust it when I got home and that was a bit of a bummer. To get to what I would like to weigh, I need to lose no less than thirty kilograms! Thirty kilograms! Thats a lot of me… but to start with I have given myself a slightly more realistic but still daunting 17.2kg. I will be attending the meetings every week, and weighing in, and I am really hoping that will keep me going because I really suck at sticking to anything like this with my own willpower alone.

Today is day one and I’m only a few hours into it. I had my breakfast just after my hubby and my son left for work, and I have already had a litre of water. Thankfully the water part isn’t hard for me, I’ve always loved drinking water. But I constantly think about all sorts of snacky things that I love! Potato chips- especially Lays Plain Salted… toffees, bread sticks…

Oh boy. I’m trying not to think about how much this is going to suck.


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  1. Hey,
    Wenchy says it’s bad manners not to say hi after drinking your coffee…
    Have been meaning to comment for a while, but being new here kinda feels ‘uninvited’, if you know what I mean.
    Anyhow, I now said hello, and wants to comment on the Weigh-less thing too, I also recently joined. maybe we need an online support group? lost 2kg in 3 weeks… not great, but better than a gain, right? (yeah, im in serious need of motivation today, any motivation, of any kind really)

  2. 30kg is not so hard?! I’ve NEVER been able to lose 30kg! But that’s me. I’m with you on this journey…from a slightly different angle. I’d like to lose around 50 (YES, FIFTY!), but would be super happy with 30 also 🙂

  3. good luck! i know you can do it!

    here’s a hint: when my mom wanted to lose weight, she stuck pictures of REALLY fat (like morbidly obese) women in bikini’s on the fridge so she’d be reminded of why she needed to eat less… the entire family lost weight that way because we all got nauseous every time we went near the fridge 😛

  4. Congratulations on taking the first step! 🙂 I know you will stick to it and you’ll do yourself proud! Looking forward to the before and after… 🙂

  5. Good luck, lady. You can do it.

    I, too, am on a bit of a diet. I lost weight when I was on holiday and now I want to lose even more. It gets kind of addictive watching that scale go down.

    And OH all the fun you have trying on clothes when you’re feeling slinky, such an awesome feeling.

  6. Good on ya for starting – the numbers are dauting but as you start to lose 1,2,3kg you will be so excited and the motivation will flow!

  7. You go Girl!
    My daughter lost 17kg’s in 4 months on Weighless. to lose it was relatively easy – to help her keep it there is a totally different story… 🙄
    I agree with Julia – know exactly what you’ll be eating tomorrow! And also: eat ALL your food! Most overweight people eat too little good foods and too infrequently. Your body needs to get into a fat-burning zone again if your metabolism has slowed down, it’s mainly because of irregular eating habits. You should eat something at least every 2.5 – 3 hours throughout the day. Within a few weeks your body won’t hold on to stored fat (carbs), because it knows it can let go, as it gets used to being supplied regularly. Remember also: green veggies are natural fatburners! Root veggies are higher in carbs/sugars – choose green as much as you can! And if you really really absolutely feel the need to cheat, there are ways and means – pop me an email 😉
    If at all possible, do try to get some sort of exercise – walking is great (maybe not all that safe these days, but 30-60 minutes of walking like you mean it) and will help drop the weight faster. No need for running! My motto: When God gave girls boobs He said: “Thou shalt NOT run!!”.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog.

  8. no no no! its not going to suck!! its hard, yes, but not crazy hard!

    be as strict as you can in week 1 and 2… planning meals is a really good way to make sure you stick to it. once you see the weight coming off, you will be more motivated to stay away from all the snacky things.
    and once you are further along in the steps, you will crave that stuff less and you’ll be allowed little “break-outs” during the week.

    stick to it! go go go!!!

    PS @Blackhuff – wow, 30kg in 5 months – that is AMAZING! well done!

  9. Shitballs!!

    I think I am going to try weighless too!!
    Is it super expensive and how do I found out more without weighless nazi’s stalking me till I panic and give in??

  10. No no, don’t think about what you cant have and what you like to have and how much it’s going to suck – think “skinny me”, “size 32 me”, “slim conmfortable healthy me” – YOO CAN DOO EET!!!!!

  11. Forgot to add that you must plan your meals in advance. No plan means distraction and reason to cheat.
    You can totally do it.

  12. It’s not going to suck. Think healthy, think slim.
    I must say I have had a lot of fun experimenting with stuff I don’t normally eat. I must warn you that the first week is terrible. You are essentially withdrawing from caffeine and sugar and your body is basically doing a detox. After day 5 I felt normal and energetic again. And the portion sizes were a shock to me as well because I can be quite greedy. Your body does adjust and it DOES get easier. I need to lose between 20 and 26. I’m aiming for 2o and will then assess if I want to lose more because I do NOT want my eyes popping out of my skull or anything like that.
    You can do it. Just focus. Are you exercising at all?

  13. I’m happy that you have joined Weigh Less. 30kgs is not so hard. I have 1kg to go and then I will have lost 30kgs in 5 months time. If I can do it, then you can too. I am here to cheer you on! You CAN do it!
    I know that when I started with my weight loss too, all I could think about was all the snacky things. But it does get better after a month or two, I promise. All you need to do is stick it out and although you say you suck at sticking it out, I know that you CAN do it.
    What also helps me is too have a food logging system and to through all the snacky and bad food out of the house. Yes, my children also complained about this but they just had no choice. Nowadays they eat what I eat and like it.

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