This Valentines Day…

I awoke at 3h30 to finish a cupcake order! Seriously! I had an exhausting weekend of baking before Valentines Day could even dawn, so after my darling hubby helped me pack the car for my delivery, he left for work and I delivered a cupcake order… and we didn’t even wish each other a Happy Valentines Day!!


Once I’d recovered a little from my lack of sleep, I phoned my sweetheart to wish him and thank him for his help with the cupcakes. Then I set to work on the day’s baking!

A little later that afternoon, I got flowers!!!


I don’t think I’ve ever had flowers sent to me before and this is such a pretty arrangement of red roses specially for Valentines Day! When my hubby got home, we had our Weigh Less supper (yup, he’s dieting right along with me) and after supper we went to watch The Green Hornet in 3D. I LURV 3D movies! I also got a HUGE box full of cupcake goodies for a Valentines Day gift! My darling Glugster gave me cupcake-shaped money boxes, serviette rings, candles, picture holders and cupcake covered serviettes! He’s going to have to build me a shelf or two to put my cupcake collection on now…

Ooh, I gave him the Independence Day DVD coz its one of his favourite movies, although neither of us could wait and we both gave our gifts early, a few days before V-day!!

I know a lot of people don’t celebrate Valentines Day because its basically a money-making racket for shops, and I was always one of the people who actively boycotted it every year… but for the first time in my life I have a man who loves me and spoils me, so we celebrate it every year!

11 thoughts on “This Valentines Day…

  1. I bet you had a lot of cupcake orders, I wish I could order I bet they are delicious 🙂

    Happy Valentines(a little late!!)

  2. Oh wow you are so lucky. I would have loved to have gotten flowers, but sadly my man firmly believes it’s a money making thing and does nothing. I’m glad you got spoiled, that is just fab.

  3. Hi,

    Fab to hear u enjoyed and were spoilt; good stuff!

    Hey, dont complain about lack of sleep! Sounds like business is good and you are very busy..which means you make stacks of money and at same time are blessed to do what you Love; treasue tha it is rare:

    Also want to say thanks for the great adhd advice on your blog; really helps me with my little boy 🙂

    Wanted to ask how things are going with Damien ? And also with the ‘sperm donor – paternal dad’ ?? You have not blogged about this for a while..

    Hoping all is well with that.. When I divorced my druggie ex my boy was only a mere 1yrs old and we dont hear from the dad eva, I NEVER want to or have him be part of our lives – he is Not!! Fortunatelly we havelost all contact.

    My boy and I are better off without that scum!

    Anyway.. Love reading ur blog; so muc I can relate too!!

    Thanks for all the interesting things to read.

    Thrilledfor you that all is going so welll.

    Have a fab weekend.

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