So How Is The Diet Going?


Well, I have lost weight since I started- but not nearly as much as I could have!

I am determined to lose a significant amount however, so I will be sticking with Weigh-Less… but it isn’t easy, and I don’t have the best track record when it comes to self-discipline!

I am eating more than enough food, and anyone who has done Weigh-Less will know it’s not a starvation diet by a long shot. I’m actually surprised that I can lose any weight eating like I do because I lose next to nothing when I attempt to starve myself!

I am even fine on Saturdays, waking up early so as to start with breakfast and everything, but mine and my Glugster’s social calendar is a busy one to say the least… we inevitably have something happening on a weekend, and then we both cheat (he’s pretty much eating what I eat when he’s at home).

The hardest day of the week for me is a Monday! I can’t seem to get back into the dieting groove after a weekend!

I have a feeling that when I go for my weigh-in this afternoon I will have gained again after last week’s fantastic 2.2kg loss… if I am REALLY lucky I will stay the same as last week.

I think drastic anti-social action is needed for me to lose a decent amount of weight. Maybe then I can start gallivanting a bit as a reward to myself?

8 thoughts on “So How Is The Diet Going?

  1. Good on you for starting and having such a fab weight loss to kick start things. Good luck, I’m sure you will achieve your goal. And even if you don’t , any loss is a win.

  2. In the beginning I have sustained from social activities to lose weight and get into the groove of healthy eating. This helped a lot for me. Maybe this is something you should try?

  3. I find Monday to Thursday a breeze (mostly), but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are a CONSTANT battle for me. I have just reached my first 5kg goal, which makes me one fifth of the way there (still have 20 to go) but I rekon it has to be a marathon and not a sprint, so a little cup cake here, or chocci there is not the end of the world.

    Persevere, persevere, persevere. 🙂

    From one Weigh-Lesser to antoher.

  4. You are doing so well on Weigh-less. I have always had success with them. I caught up on all your last posts – and got to say you had a great Valentines (apart from the sleep!)

  5. It is the going out thats the worst!

    When I was on Weigh-Less I would save up my carbs/proteins for when I went out on the weekends – that way you can over indulge without feeling TOO bad or it having TOO much of an impact!

    GOOD LUCK! You are doing awesome!

  6. It’s so hard not to cheat when you’re out with friends. My friend Richard was on Weighless for awhile and he would bring his already prepared portions with him when he came over to our house, but it’s much tougher when you’re at a restuarant or wedding or something.

  7. I think you’re gorgeous with or without a bit of extra curvage. But since it clearly matters to you – enough to make you consider turning anti-social in order to achieve your goal! – I say go, Aunty, go!

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