Now This Should Be Interesting!

I’ve never made a secret about the fact that I am not a “gamer” in any shape or form, and attempting to play games with the knucklehead sees me wriggling in my seat and waving the controller around in the air trying to get my character to jump or move! The most complicated games I can manage are things like Bejewelled, Chuzzle and Zuma! I don’t think those even really qualify as games… 😛

Anyhoodle, blogging about my Weigh-Less adventure has caught the attention of Christopher from FH Digital! He has approached a few mommy bloggers to take part in a three week challenge to improve their fitness levels using the Xbox 360 Kinect (you can follow them on Twitter too)! Using the Kinect means I don’t have to use a controller and my jumping and waving may actually get me somewhere! 😀

The knucklehead and my Glugster are uber-stoked of course, and I have their full support in trying to win the challenge because if I win I get to keep my Xbox bundle as a prize! I’ll be blogging and tweeting about the challenge, and I’ll be competing against a couple of other mommy bloggers.
Here are some pictures of me opening up an unpacking my Xbox bundle!

How the competition will work is that the Xbox will connect to the internet and the winner of the challenge will be determined by the game scores on calories burnt, exercise time, scores, goal setting and goal achievement, and they’ve recommended we set goals using the SMART method so I will be working on my goals over the next few days. Oh, and the SMART method can be broken down as follows:

S – Specific (Significant, Simple)

M – Measurable (Meaningful, Motivational, Manageable)

A – Attainable (Appropriate, Achievable, Actionable, Aspirational)

R – Relevant (Realistic, Results focused, Results-oriented, Rewarding)

T – Time-bound (Time-based, Time-Specific, Time limited, Trackable, Tangible)

Let’s hope I don’t come out of this looking like a complete narna!!

18 thoughts on “Now This Should Be Interesting!

  1. Aaah ok I was confused when I read Gina’s blog, I thought this was your standard sit on your bum & play games thing. Is it better than the Nintendo Wii? J wants a Nintendo Wii for his birthday and i said I’d get him one.

  2. JEALOUS!!!!!!! OMG, I am gonna go green w/envy! I knew I should have been a better blogger! That is rad. You are going to have FUNFUNFUN!

  3. Awesome! I’d LOVE a Kinect. They’re fantastic – no lag time and no controllers. Enjoy it and good luck 🙂

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