Game On Bunnies!!

The Xbox360 Kinect challenge starts today!

My competitors are ExMi, Gina from A Bit Of This A Bit Of That, Tertia of So Close fame, and Diane the ImpatientLeo. Shoowee… I think this is going to be tough!

I know you are all rooting for me of course, and I have my Glugster and the knucklehead shouting from the sidelines too (they REALLY want to be able to keep this thing)!

Keep your eyes open for some important dates- I have to have my SMART goals published here by March 11th, and the challenge ends on March 25th. The winner will be announced on March 31st of 2011!

The three of us in the AnGlug household have loaded profiles for ourselves and customised our Avatars, and yesterday I messed around with Kinectimals for a bit to work out the controls since this is all new to me. I had a good giggle at my pet tiger cub- who I named “Fudge”- ‘coz I couldn’t think of anything else when they announced I had to name the thing- and I realised this is going to take some serious co-ords!!

Best of luck to my competitors, and may the best mommy-blogger win!

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