Weigh-Less Risotto… Kind Of!

Making our meals look appetising as well as taste good is a wee bit of a challenge since we’re still on Step 1 of the Weigh-Less program, but I think I am getting better at making things up!


Before I get to the “risotto”, let me tell you about our braai. On Sunday we had a braai for lunch with a friend, so I cooked peeled baby potatoes and chopped up a whole lot of raw veggies- green peppers, tomatoes, onions, patty pans and cucumber. We roasted chicken pieces on the coals and added some low oil dressing to our potatoes and veggies and voila- a Weigh-Less friendly braai! And it was yummy. We did cheat some on Sunday with some snacky things whilst we chatted and waited for our lunch, but I think we put a dent in the cheating with a few hours on the Xbox Kinect!

Our Sunday night supper was rice, tuna, tomato, onion, green peppers and low oil dressing all mixed together in one big bowl! My Glugster said it looked a bit like Risotto, so I figured I would blog about it for anyone who is looking for dinner ideas!

Monday night we had burgers again- wholewheat buns with tomato, pickles, low oil dressing, onion and a mince patty. I must be honest and say I wish I could have had cheese on mine like the knucklehead did…


What are you doing to make your diet food look interesting?

9 thoughts on “Weigh-Less Risotto… Kind Of!

  1. I really should start dieting! Even though you don’t feel like you’re doing it “right”, you’re doing A LOT better than me!

  2. Yay for burgers 🙂 You should try my fav lazy supper meal: brown rice, tuna, avo, cucumber and tomatoe salad. You don’t need any dressing because of the creamy avo, and just top it with some herbs, salt and pepper.

  3. Last night I ended up making lentil curry. Was beautiful. Served it with roasted veg. I love your “risotto” idea. Will try it. I have another tuna recipe that I’ll forward you if you like. On Friday last week I made potato spuds. I browned the onions, mince, garlic etc. Cubed butternut into smallish pieces, sliced some marrows, sliced some mushrooms. Once the butternut was soft I dished it all into my baked potato (I usually skip that afternoon snack so I have an extra carb and protein for dinner) and it was divine. My kids LOVED it.
    I also bought the WL wraps (a bit pricey but one wrap = one carb. I think you should be able to have it this week). I took bits of chicken breast and chopped up cucumber, tomatoes, onions, peppers and some pineapple and added a bit of low oil dressing. I wrapped it and it was stunning.
    Tonight I am going to make WL pork bangers (You are allowed 3 at a time) and I’ll make my own stirfried veg and some baby potatoes.
    ps…Glugster (because he is a man) is allowed a bit more than you ito carbs & proteins. The men lose the weight so quickly but they also gain it quickly. I am jealous of my husband who is already 10 kg down after one month.

  4. Loving the sound of those burgers. Think I am going to make them for dinner, with a nice tomato and onion relish (cos I am not keen on raw onion or tomato)

    I must say, one of my favs for lunch at the moment is a past and smoked chicken salad. (I get the smoked chicken from Pick n Pay. Its reasonably priced and lasts in the fridge. 🙂

  5. The potato thing you made sound so delicious and healthy too. Next time try some Sweet Potato instead of potato, as potato is High in GI and Sweet Potato is Low GI and have more fiber too.
    What kind of rice are you using? I use brown rice instead of white or Basmatic. Again, Low GI is better.
    Otherwise, you are doing great!

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