A Family Photo Shoot

This Saturday, which happens to be da Bruvva’s birthday, we are having a family photo shoot with Jeanette Verster Photography! I think we can now officially call her our family photographer!


Tomorrow’s shoot is a big one- the three of us, my folks, my sister B and her hubby with their three boys, da Bruvva (and hopefully his son, Super Nathan) and my sister C with her baby bump and her significant other! We’re going back to Friends Of The Rail where Glugster and I did our TTD shoot, and we have a collection of props that can put a studio to shame! Suitcases, balloons, wooden cut-out words, a blackboard and chalk… the family is very excited and looking forward to it, I just wonder if we’ll have enough time to get to all the props!! And just wait till you see how handsome my knucklehead looks in a white long sleeve T-shirt!


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4 Responses to A Family Photo Shoot

  1. Louisa says:

    Can’t wait to see!

  2. Can’t wait, it’s going to be a blast!

  3. Sharon says:

    I’m sure you will have loads of fun. Enjoy!

  4. marcelle says:

    Have fun at the photos shoot…she is brilliant…great family photographer you have.