The Xbox360 Challenge Has Wrought Some Changes

Yesterday after my second EA Sports Active 2 workout, my upper thighs were all stiff and sore- but a good sore, if you know what I mean. This morning when I awoke, my thighs were fine again but my bum was all stiff and sore! Incredible!

So what changes have been made? Well ,my average morning is breakfast at 8am and reading and then answering emails and the like- in bed- until about 9am. Then I head downstairs for the day’s baking or whatever.

Not today.

I have an alarm set on my phone for week days, just in case I go back to sleep after my Glugs and the knucklehead leave for work, and by the time it went off at 8h30 this morning I was already busy with the cool down part of my work out!!! When I realised what the time was I was quite flabbergasted! I am so not a morning person and for me to have gotten up, eaten, packed the dishwasher AND done a workout before 8h30 in the morning is unheard of!!

Now I have a band of pain around my upper thighs and my bum, yet I am determined to do at least one additional workout this weekend so I don’t undo everything before my next scheduled workout on Monday! And even though I am tired and sore, I want to play some ten pin bowling and see if I can increase my boxing “ranking” on Kinect Sports later! I’ve never been so constantly active in my life before!

We have to have this thing!

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~~ExMiA Bit Of This A Bit Of ThatSo Close,ImpatientLeo~

7 thoughts on “The Xbox360 Challenge Has Wrought Some Changes

  1. Wow it sounds awesome. I just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive. I could afford the Nintendo Wii with my ebucks, I don’t have enough for this fancy gadget 🙁

  2. Go Aunty, go!! 😛

    I feel exhausted just thinking about it, so I seriously take my hat off to you! Respek.

  3. Glad to see you also getting addicted to working out. I really need to get my hands on a Kinect … you all sound like you’re having a great time.

  4. I am so jealous. The Kinect is just too expensive for me at the moment. I will rather stick with my running and music for a bit until I can afford the Kinect.
    This is exactly what exercise do to one. It gives you more energy therefor you are able to wake up earlier and have longer days with more exercise = going to be later as well. I am happy that exercise have such a good effect on you. You sound so positive and motivated. Keep going

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