Sooo… The Weekend Was Exercise Free, But Itchy!

I fully intended to do a workout, I really did, but I spent Saturday running around doing preparation for the family photo shoot-which you can see on Jeanette Verster’s website– and after the shoot we all got together at a Dros to have an impromptu birthday celebration with da Bruvva! That meant some hectic dietary cheating too… 🙁 I think I had two days’ worth of carbs just in the chips they served with my rump steak!

And then on Sunday, we had absolutely nothing planned!

Miracles do happen!

We did some grocery shopping and then spent the day on our bed catching up on our PVR playlist.

It was awesome.

And on Sunday we were right back onto our proper eating plan! We didn’t even buy any junk with our groceries!

As for the itch I mentioned… I’ve been battling with a rash in my neck which I put down to allergies as I do occasionally get a hayfever-related rash in my neck. I didn’t worry about it but I couldn’t shake it and the painful itch was actually waking me up in the middle of the night! I was applying Germolene or Anthisan, whichever one I found fastest in the dark, but it was really getting me down. I covered it with foundation for the photo shoot but it was spreading and by this morning it had spread to my upper back and upper arms!

Now, just a note here, I cannot survive without antihistamine medication. I am allergic to well over 80 plants and grasses as well as pet dander and dust and and and, and without meds or treatment I sneeze constantly. In fact, it gets so bad sometimes that I sneeze till my arms hurt!! I used to think I was having a heart attack but I’ve Googled it since and it seems it’s quite common and can have several causes.

Up until a couple of weeks ago I was taking Zyrtec (which I like ‘coz it works quite well, its non-drowsy and doesn’t contain cortisone) and Deselex. It didn’t seem to be working as I was still battling with itchy, swollen eyes even though I wasn’t sneezing and the pharmacists were unimpressed with me taking both so I asked what else I could take. I can’t take two Zyrtec tablets, so the most recent pharmacist recommended Xyzal.

Tonight I had a moment of epiphany and checked the package insert for side effects of Xyzal: “…hypersensitivity reactions including skin reactions, urticarial…”

Can you bloody credit it!? I may be allergic to my allergy meds!!!

I’ve stopped taking it to see if the rash gets better.

I did do my Xbox360 Active 2 workout today though, in case you were wondering. And I stuck to my diet! Today’s workout was all running and jumping and lunges… Sheesh. I was sweating and swearing when I finished it! But finish it I did, and then I put in Kinect Sports and boxed a little too.

Yay me! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Sooo… The Weekend Was Exercise Free, But Itchy!

  1. Hi,

    Good to hear you are enjoying the Xbox Kinetic fitness! It is really great I have one too!

    About the ink, TOTALLY get what you say about wanting more! Im the same 🙂

    I was wondering, how are things with Damien and his paternal father, our should I say the sperm donour? As I have written to you before I am SO glad my ex is not in my or my little boys life!! To be honest I just hate him!!

    Family shoot you did was Gorgeous! Pics are stunning 🙂

    Glad for you on the weightloss; keep it up!

    Have a brilliant and happy long weekend.


  2. sorry Ange – you really have had an uncomfortable allergy time …….. I love you!
    But keep up the fitness programme – you will never be sorry. I know what I am talking about – I am old and unbendable aqlready 🙁

  3. Glad you’ve found the cause of the rash. Rashes are not for the faint hearted and can hurt a lot.
    Happy to hear that you are doing good on the challenge and that you two didn’t buy any crap along with the groceries. That is a big step. Well done!

  4. I’ve been using Deselex daily and it seems to be working on the sneezing department but I still end up feeling a bit hayfeverish. Tried Xyzal … managed to get my allergies, asthma and excema back so clearly it’s not meant for serious allergies 🙂

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